ROCKZ - The Next Stable Coin

What ROCKZ ?

ROCKZ is a new cryptocurrency that brings solidity and trust into the volatile cryptocurrency market for the first time. Unlike other cryptocurrencies ROCKZ is backed in value to one of the world's strongest and most sustainable currencies, the Swiss Franc, in a 100% transparent and legally enforceable way


Traders and investors engaging in the cryptosphere today must learn to live with certain risks. There is currently no reference or reserve currency that satisfactorily mitigates these risks. This means that, for the time being, the only safe way for crypto investors to secure their profits is to return to fiat currency and thereby exit the cryptosphere.
This identifies an inherent tension that, if left unsolved, will inhibit the future growth of the cryptosphere as an asset class.
Let's examine the nature of the risks at play.
Investors can leave fiat currency in certain exchanges, but will bear a counterparty risk since most of the exchanges are unregulated. Unregulated exchanges are effectively the owners of the assets deposited by their clients, be they fiat or coins. In case of bankruptcy, fraud or, (self-declared) hacking, those assets are completely at the risk of being lost. There are a few regulated exchanges that do protect deposits, but only to a certain limit, based on country protection schemes. At best, there are only limited protections for anyone depositing assets into exchanges.
On top of that, there is a huge security risk, with many exchanges having been hacked during the last few years. Hundreds of millions of dollars were stolen in 2017, and in cases so far in 2018, we have seen the total number of stolen assets reach alarming levels . When coins and tokens are held at centralized exchanges, investors' assets can disappear within seconds, and typically are never recovered. It has happened and will happen again.
Of course investors can, with some know-how and at additional cost, transfer their crypto investments to cold wallets in order to mitigate some security risks. Nevertheless, cold wallets do not erase the market risk of holding main coins used as a pivot or reserve, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. These main coins still bear extreme volatility and therefore do not eradicate all risks for investors


ROCKZ addresses a major shortcoming of the cryptosphere: the lack of a trustworthy anchor in the traditional economy - a way to book profits while still staying in crypto; a way to address counterparty, security, and market risks.
Institutional investors, such as funds, insurance companies or pension funds, are willing to enter this new asset class, which is decorrelated from traditional investments. But to penetrate this new asset class they need a point of reference, a safe harbour, a reserve coin. This is ROCKZ.
The ROCKZ issuing company enables investors and traders to exchange their main crypto currencies against a ROCKZ. For each ROCKZ issued, 1 Swiss Franc (CHF) is held by the ROCKZ issuing company for the account of the coin holders. By definition,ROCKZ is stable.
The ROCKZ issuing company holds up to 90% of its reserves in Swiss Francs (the Reserves) in physical paper form (i.e., banknotes) which are deposited in high-security Swiss Alp Bunkers and Vaults. The remaining 10% is held with various Swiss Banks to ensure short-term availability of the Swiss Francs. ROCKZ is solid and agile.


However, Tether and other asset-backed coins have inherent flaws that ROCKZ does not.
ROCKZ coins are fully backed by CHF Reserves, the strongest currency in the world, with 90% in physical form deposited in vaults and banks. By choosing a physical form at a levelof 90%, coin holders don't need to fear about the safety of the banks. ROCKZ is completely transparent as regards to Reserves held for coin holders and they are audited on a monthly basis.
ROCKZ coin holders have a legal right to CHF fiat currency in an equivalent amount of their investments. Even if the ROCKZ issuing company goes bankrupt, coin holders will get their legal claims against the ROCKZ issuing company transferred by vault operators and banks.

ROCKZ coin holders can transfer equivalent CHF fiat amounts to their



APZ holders holding at least 300 Swiss Francs (CHF 300) in equivalent APZ or 500 APZ will have basic access to the ROCKZ platform.


APZ holders holding at least 900 Swiss Francs (CHF 900) in equivalent APZ or 1,500 APZ will be able to apply for a credit card with our partner bank in Switzerland. The Swiss Franc limit of the card will have to be pledged by the coin holders in ROCKZ with ROCKZ AG.


APZ holders holding at least 900 Swiss Francs (CHF 900) in equivalent APZ or 1,500 APZ will be able to apply for a credit card with our partner bank in Switzerland. The Swiss Franc limit of the card will have to be pledged by the coin holders in ROCKZ with ROCKZ AG.


APZ holders holding at least 1,800 Swiss Francs (CHF 1,800) in equivalent APZ or 3,000 APZ will be able to apply for guarantees issuance. The amount of the guarantee will have to be pledged by the coin holders in ROCKZ with ROCKZ AG.


APZ will be available for trading on selected exchanges. As APZ value is related to the usage of the ROCKZ platform, it is expected that contributors will be long-term holders of APZ. New ROCKZ users will be able to buy APZ tokens on exchanges.


We are utilizing several technologies to make ROCKZ work effectively; our platform
is based on:

  • Red Hat OpenShift container application platform (based on Docker)
  • Linux Server OS
  • Microservice Backend Architecture (Node.js)
  • React.js Front End


We plan to support the following platforms:
Initial release

  • HTML 5 Web-based (mobile and desktop)
    Subsequent releases
  • Android and IOS native/hybrid apps
  • REST Partner APIs
    At the time of the ICO event we will already have the ROCKZ platform MVP available on our website.
    The Current MVP Version includes following functions:
    Client Side:

a. Registration including KYC check and 2FA
b. User dashboard: allows the user to view their positions at a glance and. access all functions
c. BUY/SELL order creation for RKZ using: BTC, ETH, FIAT (CHF via bank. transfer). There is no physical delivery option in the MVP, but for now it can be specially requested using secure messaging
d. BUY order creation for APZ using: BTC, ETH, FIAT (CHF via bank transfer)
e. Order history (with keyword search)
f. User Profile view/edit
g. Security settings view/edit
h. Secure messaging (encrypted)
i. Help and Support
j. Wallet Management (Wallet addresses only, used during the order process,no private keys)
k. Bank Account Management (bank information only, used during the order process, no access)

  1. Platform Side:
    a. User Account Management: user account/profile settings (clients and employees
    b. Client Identification Data Management (segregated, limited access)
    c. Audit Component (limited access)
    d. Order Management System
    e. Treasury Management System
    f. Authorization Request Component (for actions that require double validation)
    g. Broker Management
    h. Secure Messaging
    i. Wallet Management (wallet addresses only, used during the order process,
    no private keys)
    j. Bank Account Management (bank information only, used during the order process,
    no access)
    k. RKZ Component (Burn / Mint)


Token info

Token name : Alprockz (APZ)
Platform :(Ethereum)
Type : (ERC20)
Total Token Emission : 175,000,000 APZ
PreICO price : 1 APZ = 0.36 USD
01.07.2018–15.11.2018 : 40% discount.
16.11.2018–15.12.2018 : 30% discount.
16.12.2018–30.01.2019 : 20% discount.
Tokens for sale: 26,250,000 APZ
Accepting : BTC, ETH, Fiat
Minimum investment :1,000 CHF
Total funds to be raised (Hardcap) : CHF 12.6M
Country : Switzerland
Whitelist/KYC : KYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas : USA, China, North Korea, Iran, Somali, Myanmar

Official website & Community :
Whiterpaper :
OnePager :
Bitcointalk ANN :
Twitter :
Reddit :
Medium :
Telegram chat :
Telegram channel :

Author : Yudi96
bitcointalk url :;u=1658007

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