How to stop dishonest manufacturers in the field of technology, is one of the most serious issues of the modern technological world. The most fertile soil for scammers is the Internet. Many new terms have been given to various types of fraud, such as phishing, counterfeiting, violation of rights. Well, governments and companies are still finding solutions and ways to confront these challenges. More recently, a new game field appeared on the market, which again became fertile soil for scammers. Crypto currency is the most important area to which scammers are targeted, and they use all their tactical capabilities to deceive people.

The solution proposed by MYSHIELD.
MYSHIELD is a new player working to improve security in the crypto-currency area. Their decentralized application will help people and organizations identify fraudulent projects, messages on social networks and transactions. Based on blockchain and AI technology, MYSHIELD team members create the most secure and anti-fraudulent web resource. It provides three main functions for users:

  • warns of fraudulent projects or messages;
  • checks their transaction on any website of the crypto currency;
  • reports fraud.

Cyber-intelligence based on AI provides a key service for identifying potential fraudulent projects in the world of crypto-currencies. The community on the MYSHIELD platform also serves as assistants for identifying various fraudulent projects in the crypto-currency area.

There are many tools offered by MYSHIELD to weed out fraudulent projects, such as bonuses for people identifying fraudsters, scoring system for various projects and printing certification from the company. Tools available on the platform track a large number of places to identify fraudulent projects. They check sites of projects, messages in social networks, the online market of mobile applications. The MYSHIELD platform also has warranty providers that protect the transaction, otherwise Money is returned to the user.

1,000,000,000 MSLD tokens are created for a project in which 40% is reserved for public sale. 30% of the funds will be spent on marketing the platform, and 30% on research and development. The team working on the platform has many years of experience in the field of cybersecurity and entrepreneurship.

Crypto currency is the hottest field for scammers. They are very happy to conduct their attacks and steal money from people earned money. Now they are one step ahead and constantly deceive novice users. The lack of standardization and regulatory measures also contributes to the spread of fraudulent projects. Many companies are gradually aware of the negative consequences of fraudulent projects in the crypto-currency space, as this undermines the credibility of the world with crypto-currency.
I think that this issue is becoming more relevant in our time, when the speed of technology development is growing very fast. Every day new applications are launched. The creator of the product can rarely foresee the seriousness of the negative consequences. MYSHIELD solutions will be very useful for most technology companies. This is one of the few platforms that offers solutions for working in a complex complex system of crypto-currency projects. I believe that the MYSHIELD project is very attractive for investing today. With all the subtleties of the MYSHIELD project, you can read through the links below. Thank you for attention!

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