The presence of a wide range of banking products at low prices or with a small interest rate distinguishes developed countries from developing ones. In "lagging" states, as a rule, financial opportunities for ordinary citizens and entrepreneurs are constrained, and mortgage lending is granted with predatory interest.

The team of Viva Network has set itself the goal of making the real estate market more affordable, fair and profitable for both borrowers and investors.

What is it?

The full name of the startup is Viva Network Holdings Ltd. It is registered in Hamilton, the largest city in Bermuda. The startup develops the same-named block-platform. Specialization - mortgage P2P-crediting.
The network will connect borrowers and creditors from around the world, make transactions instant, exclude from the chain of intermediaries. Interest rate will calculate self-learning AI. Viva Network is headed by Nick Thomson. He also serves as the Managing Director of TLM Development Group, another firm engaged in the real estate market in Bermuda. In general, most employees start-up the past is connected with the real estate sector, judging by the profiles on LinkedIn.

How it works?
Viva Network is based on the blockchain Ethereum. Terms of transactions on the platform are recorded in smart contracts. The platform is available both through the browser and through mobile clients (iOS and Android). Startups state that their initiative will help to win both participants of the mortgage lending sector - borrowers and investors. And investors are meant private.
It is unlikely that banks and other large financial organizations will immediately rush to Viva Network to offer their programs on relaxed terms. In the current sad situation with the purchase of apartments in developing countries, it is banks with their monopolistic status and blatant manipulation of interest rates that are to blame.

The mechanism of interaction with the platform from the buyer of real estate looks like this:

  • You register, enter personal data, information about work (you may need a credit history).
  • The proposal is highlighted in the general list - investors are studying it.
  • Finally, there is an investor ready to lend you.
    You sign a smart contract - and then transfer the monthly payment to the lender.
    How is the rate, term, starting payment determined? These important indicators calculate self-learning AI, embedded in the platform. He seeks to reduce the figures to the average for the market in order to balance supply and demand. Self-regulation of interest rates is one of the main advantages of Viva Network over classical banks.

As a result - the borrower pays less, the creditor earns more. It would seem that this is a paradox. But no, after all, the banking system, like any intermediary, cares first of all about itself - if it uses the means of a third-party investor, then in the end, it gets a smaller income than it could, using it as a platform like Viva.
A simple example - say, the owner of a deposit in a bank has the right to expect a 5% income, and a citizen who has applied for a mortgage - at a rate of 10%. At Viva Network, the rate in this case will be 7.5% - both sides will win.
In the losers there will be only a bank that has lost customers.
Real estate is a traditional, fundamental asset for investments. It's no surprise that the Bermuda startup came to this highly profitable market.

Startups will try to make their system as useful as possible:

  • with instant cross-border payments,
  • with recommendations on risks and investment (for creditors),
  • the platform will be transparent and secure. Recorded in smart contracts, the data will serve as a kind of credit history, which can not be counterfeited.
    Viva Network will save the sphere of mortgage lending from traditional red tape.

Why should I support ICO Viva Network?

The Bermuda start-up is entering an incredibly lucrative sector of mortgage loans.Its goal is not to confine itself to the markets of several countries, but to attract international capital, link borrowers and investors from different parts of the world.
The sources of credit are almost unlimited. This business model (if we talk about its classical embodiment) repeatedly confirmed its profitability.
The idea of the platform appeared in the heads of Viva Network in the middle of 2016, and a year later they established the company. Development goes quickly.

ICO Details
Ticker: VIVA (ERC-20)
Total tokens: 4,000,000,000
ICO Dates: July 20 - September 18, 2018
Price of the token: 1 VIVA = 0.015 $ (bonuses are available)
Hardcap: 68,770 ETH
Team Tokens are frozen for 12 months


Now in many countries it is difficult to find a suitable mortgage. Banks can be understood - in developing countries they are going to a significant risk.
Viva Network will make the market free and dramatically change the situation, allowing, conditionally, a Brazilian to pay a mortgage at a rate accepted in France.
Definitely take a look at Viva Network! Who knows, maybe we'll ever take a mortgage a couple of per cent per annum and we can solve the housing problem without serious consequences.

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