Regulus Exchange : Ameliorating crypto trading with revamped features

Battle of supremacy is at the optimum in cryptocurrencies. While the likes of Ripple (XRP) and Ethereum (ETH) are contending with Bitcoin, several other exchanges are at loggerheads. Most exchanges that are operated under the smokescreen of decentralization are not what they claim to be.

Traders do not spend the rest of their day on computer screens; other jobs outside crypto trades keep them on the go. Thus, keeping hopes hinged on the volatile crypto market and staying behind the screens of one’s PC is not favorable for the crypto community. Hence, a solution that will change the current status quo was needed and that is what the Regulus Exchange stands for.

Introducing the Mobile Exchange:
Mention had been made that mobility was needed to scale trades. With increased number of smartphone users and with talks rife about IoT, Regulus Exchange’s solution came at the right time. On the exchange, you can trade from the comfort of your smartphone’s screen.
For instance, the crypto market was in the red by the time you left home for work. At mid-day, prices went up and it became clear that investing at that moment guarantees turnovers and more income. How do you go about it? Given the volatility of the market, chips might have been down by the time you get home to launch a trade from your desktop. This is more reason why traders should have no feet of clay in adopting the mobility exchange offered by Regulus.

The exchange is more than a mobile version but also has interest in other grey areas in crypto trades. For example, there had been hacks that had seen to loss of many coins and relegation of most exchanges.

Regulus won’t be close to any of these issues. Security is paramount as the exchange had applied stringent measures that will restrict incidences of attacks. First, there will be less need for investors.

There have been many scams and Regulus does not want to be placed in bad spotlight. To this end, it had been working at improving its platform. First, partnership is sought with Comodo Solutions for protection of its website against hacks and other cyber-attacks that might bring the security of the exchange to disrepute.

Most times, the concept of “he who pays the piper calls the shots” comes into play. Thus, investors will always wish to lend voices and take lead roles in decision-making; a development that overhauls the concept behind the centralization of blockchain-based projects. To this end, Regulus is self-sustaining and is funding the exchange with available resources thereby giving it full control.

Reduced Costs and Incentives:
Another aspect looked at by the exchange is ways to cuts down costs so investors and traders alike can gain from their trades. In the light of this, Regulus had trimmed down transaction fees to 0.1%. However, a 50% discount awaits traders that possess its token.

The exchange also redistributes 80% of accrued profit to users. First, 20% will be used as lottery where users that had transacted under the auspices of Regulus’ low cost fees stand chance of benefiting from the lottery that will see 10 random traders selected.

Holding the token shortlists you to receiving incentives from 40% dividend shared to token holders each weekend. Finally, referring others into the exchange qualifies you to receive incentives from sponsorships.

The Community Box:
Regulus uses this box to allow for integration of cryptocurrencies that were hitherto not available. For instance, a trader that finds a viable coin and wants it on the exchange can make recommendations. Regulus keeps note of this and rewards traders that backed such coins with its token if the coin finishes tops at the end of the day.

Trade Engine:
Regulus has one of the most vibrant trade engines. The engine will be in correspondence with the exchange’s web-server through its built-in API. There is provision of NGINX Technology and HyperFast SSD that scales trades at unpredictable moments. The Regulus Exchange is capable of delivering transactions to the tune of 10 million transactions each second.

Have you often wondered what becomes of your account in exchanges when you pass away or get incapacitated to run the account? Previous exchanges hardly provide tis feature but Regulus has this in stock.
Thanks to the Regulus Heritage system, you can appoint a beneficiary that will take control of funds in your account when you’re no longer active.


Token Distribution
Community: 60%
Team: 15%
Reserve: 10%
Advisors: 5%
Marketing and Exchanges: 10%

Token Specifications
Token Name: Regulus Token
Ticker: RGLS
Platform: Ethereum
Token Standard: ERC-20
Token Supply: 60 million

Bottom Line:
Regulus is one-stop exchange that will meet existing pain points in crypto trades. Apart from boosting trades, the mobile app that will soon be launched on the Android and iOS operating systems allows you trade from your smartphone. Push notifications are one out of innumerable features you get on the app and there’s standby desktop wallet if you choose to use one. In a nutshell, Regulus is crypto exchange redefined.








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