Opinions on the development of the Crypto Industry

Jeffrey Wernick: investing in bitcoin is a protest against traditional financial policies

Entrepreneur Jeffrey Wernick began investing in bitcoin back in 2009. Now he is sure that most people misread bitcoin because they forget about the philosophy that underlies the world's first cryptocurrency. The businessman shared his opinion with the portal Business Insider.
Jeffrey Wernick emphasizes that the idea of bitcoin is that it remains unattainable for governments and traditional financial organizations.
He believes that investing in bitcoin is a kind of protest against government financial policy. In addition, such investments bring profit. Vernik is sure that it is for these reasons that states are often wary or hostile to cryptocurrencies.
To date, Jeffrey Wernick is an independent investor. His investment portfolio includes early stocks of Uber and Airbnb. He is a member of the advisory board DataWallet and Qtum.

Samsung: for crypto transactions it is safer to use smartphones

South Korean corporation Samsung conducted a study according to which smartphones are the most secure devices for carrying out transactions in the cryptocurrency.
Senior IT Consultant Samsung Joel Snyder is confident that mobile transactions are more secure, because they are isolated from the main storage device. Even operating systems can not get information about transactions.
Hackers will not be able to hack such a device to steal, for example, the keys to the purses, but will easily gain access to data on a laptop or stationary computer.

Vitalik Buterin: too much attention for bitcoin-ETF

Vitalik Buterin is sure that the cryptocurrency market needs new and useful applications first and only later - in exchange investment funds. Vitalik believes that the cryptoindustry should develop so that the purchase of digital assets was available to everyone.
One of Vitalik's followers on Twitter expressed the opinion that exchanges and applications are equally important. Vitalik Buterin as a whole supported the interlocutor, but again emphasized the use of cryptocurrency as a means of payment.

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