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In the Internet, a lot of advertising, which we often just skip. Many people think that without advertising would be better, I can assure you that no. Without advertising, we would not be able to follow the new technologies of post-industrial society, where the main resources are the brain and information. A huge amount of innovation takes place in front of your eyes every day. But do you believe that some innovations can change and make our lives easier? I want to tell you my story. Recently, gliding across the Internet in search of something new, I came across a very interesting company, called Crypto Credit Card. C3 is a platform based on the Ethereum blockchain, with its own crypto-exchanges and mobile banking services. Innovative features such as PAMM accounts or the rating of professional traders will be built into our crypto-exchange. The C3 platform is not only a financial tool for asset management, but also a credit aggregator that selects the best loan offers around the world. I became seriously interested in this idea and began to imagine how much time this innovation could save us, ordinary people of the 21st century. There would be no need for services to transfer from Fiat money to cryptocurrency, any ordinary citizen could exchange their tokens for a product or service. While traveling, we usually change the currency of our country to the local (often at a bad rate), but using a crypto-card we will have a "currency of the world" - something that is accepted anywhere in our Land.

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