ROBO-tokens became available for purchase on Bestrate

The CryptoRobotics terminal has signed the partnership agreement with the cryptomarket aggregator Bestrate. This service allows transactions with more than 80 types of cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies such as dollars and euros, as well.

«We will release two trading bots — High-Low and Moving average in the terminal soon. You will need ROBO-tokens to use them, but not all of the traders got the chance to buy them during ICO. Our partner Bestrate gives an opportunity to buy ROBO-tokens before coins listing on the market. Thus, CryptoRobotics traders will be able to take full advantage of bots in our terminal already on this week», — affirmed the CryptoRobotics COO Alina Sattarova.

The cryptocurrency exchanges at fixed rates. For example, 1 ETH is 6666,66 ROBO-tokens, the partner’s fee is 0,5%.

Crypto trader can purchase trading bots for ROBO-tokens, adjust them, and soon will be able to use the auto-following and virtual aid in the terminal.

CryptoRobotics is the terminal for trading on cryptocurrency markets. The desktop terminal versions are developed for Windows OS и MacOS. We offer the wide range of technical solutions for cryptotrading: algotrading, customized trading charts, direct connection to the market without OTC brokers, and technical analysis tools and indicators.

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CryptoRobotics project is the development of a free cross-platform trading terminal for cryptocurrency exchanges.

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