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Crypto Souk


Welcome my dear readers. My review, I want to open the doors to the world of cryptocurrency. The developers of the new crypto project Crypto Souk want to create a new generation digital platform that will allow users to trade crypto assets effectively and earn on fluctuations in their rates regardless of their qualifications. The goal of the project authors is to make tokens an asset that is available to everyone. The platform participants will be able to gain new trading experience, high level of service and fair pricing.

Current problems in the industry
The process of storing, acquiring and selling cryptocurrency assets is currently fraught with many difficulties. There are many exchanges on the Internet, but most of them do not have liquid assets. Large financial market players need a new platform with active traders, which is suitable for large investments in assets with high liquidity. They need a trading partner that meets all modern criteria for financial market participants. When developing the Crypto Souk platform, the authors take into account the fact that the crypto-currency trading market is developing at a rapid pace. According to the statement, the largest exchange of resources, one day they are joined by up to 250 thousand clients. As of may of 2018 at one of the exchanges – Coinbase – it was about 20 million accounts and conducted trade in the amount of 52 million tokens.The ten largest cryptocurrency exchange networks in the world serve clients for about $ 1 billion a year. Moreover, the market is developing not linearly, but exponentially. Therefore, we should expect that in the near future the volume of operations will be increased by orders of magnitude, which will not slow down the impact on the growth of investors ' profits.

Features of Crypto Souk project
The authors of the project suggest that their child will be the largest platform for trading cryptocurrency. Originally scheduled to run the platform on which to trade currency pairs using the Ripple, Dash, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Monero.With the development of the site and increasing trade turnover, it is planned to expand the list of assets at the expense of other crypto-currencies. Moreover, with the help of the same account, it will be possible to perform trading operations with both Fiat money and cryptocurrencies. The developers have already reached an agreement with the leading participants of the financial market, which will provide exchange, liquidity and a wide range of financing options. Experts who are engaged in the development of Crypto Souk believe that their project expects explosive growth. This, in their opinion, will contribute to several factors:

Ability to transfer Fiat currencies for trading on the platform and Vice versa with a minimum Commission. To realize this opportunity, developers are looking for partners and tools that can reduce the cost of operations with traditional funds.
The ability to trade a huge amount of cryptocurrency assets. The developers want to add as many different cryptocurrency pairs as possible to the list of possible options, even if they are not in great demand at the moment. This will expand the options of choice for the ultimate traders.
The opportunity to receive full, qualified technical support at any time without days off and breaks. The authors plan to invest a significant part of the funds collected in the ICO process in technical support and customer service.
Token and ICO of the project
The authors of the project plan to hold the initial placement of tokens under the name SOUK. They will be used for internal calculations within the platform. The token is issued on the basis of the ERC20 Ethereum standard. The initial cost of the token is 50 us cents, the price at the presale stage is 0.375 cents per 1 SOUK.In the process of sales, the authors want to collect softcap in the amount of $ 1 million, hardcap - $ 11 million.

Crypto Souk is another project of the cryptocurrency exchange, which is currently not fully developed. The official website of the platform does not contain a detailed description of its capabilities and the necessary technical documentation for review. Therefore, before investing in this project, it is necessary to carefully consider all possible risks of non-return on investment.



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