Welcome my dear readers.I have prepared for you a review of a very interesting project.CryptoSouk is the next generation cryptocurrency exchange.

The development of computer technology has contributed to the emergence of the market of so-called digital money or cryptocurrency, the existence of which in the era of globalization is justified.

Currently, there are many platforms for cryptocurrency trading. Many of them are already time-tested. And until now, the most important issue is the issue of financial security.

Many traders who have experience in working with other financial markets are still trying to give preference to digital assets. The digital currency market has unlimited opportunities for all traders.

Increasingly, today we see that crypto-money is used not only to pay for services and commodities, but also for investments. The growing popularity of cryptocurrency continues, which led to the emergence of crypto trading.

Market instability, constant growth or fall of the rate, constant risks faced by traders, and this, in turn, forces users to look for reliable and safe trading and financial companies.

The main criteria for choosing a platform for trading with cryptocurrency are: daily trading volume - this indicator shows the popularity of a particular pair; the number of currency pairs - even now there are exchanges on which only BTC can be exchanged for USD; Commission for the operation - the game on the exchange rate can be unprofitable due to the high fee for withdrawing funds; restrictions on withdrawal of funds and ways to replenish the balance-you need to pay attention to the terms of input and output of funds, as well as to the payment systems that support the platform chosen by the user.

Exchanges with a large cash turnover are considered to be the most reliable. Since Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other digital analogues are constantly growing, new platforms for cryptocurrency trading appear on the market in the same way.

CryptoSouk is the next generation cryptocurrency exchange for traders of any level.

The company solves several problems at once: fair pricing, customer service according to international standards, creating ideal conditions for trading and exchange of cryptocurrencies.

Taking into account the wishes and realities of modern times CryptoSouk provides traders with convenient tools, such as: a variety of indicators (58 available indicators, linear, regression curves, sliding generators, etc.), custom trend lines, interactive interface, the ability to view the price chart, depth charts, order book. Much attention is paid to the problem of security.

Thus, in real time, the platform is used for replication and archiving of all exchange data, as the built-in Stream DB database is used for this purpose, which is engaged in error checking.

All users-traders are given the opportunity to create multiple reports, such as trading activities, transaction activities, report to the Treasury. And also it is possible to store this data in CSV format.

CryptoSouk also pays attention to the order system. Buy and sell orders are always displayed on the exchange in real time. The order system automatically calculates the Commission fee and includes it in the order price.

For large customers, there is a possibility to report block transactions, which is also quite convenient and guarantees the execution of the order. For regular and block trading, the company provides such types of orders: market, limit, stop and many others.

CryptoSouk will make trading productive and comfortable.

ICO details:

The token type: ERC20;

The name of the token: SOUK;

Token price: $ 0.50.

Tokens will be distributed as follows:

Advisors and team-24%
ICO and pre-sale-50%
Bounty Campaign:

The following types of bounty are available:

Subscription campaign (20%)
Transfers (15%)
Facebook (15%)
Twitter (15%)
Reddit (10%)
Blog (10%)
Youtube (15%)
You can get acquainted with the conditions and take part in the project here:



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