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Good afternoon dear subscribers of my blog! Today we have a review of the next portion of prospects and innovations. The huge competition in the ICO world less and less often gives young startups a chance to show themselves, present their technologies and solutions. But even in such conditions there are projects that are easy to notice. One such project is Kratos. What is Kratos and how does it work? Why do we need this? How will this contribute to the development of international trade in physical goods? How will this ensure a more transparent trading process? This review will answer all these questions related to the Kratos platform and help you better understand the technology behind this creation. So let's start!

KRATOS is a new and unique blockchain project that specializes in financial and trading operations with goods. Its purpose is to modernize or even radically change the world trade in goods. Arkratos the company seeks to launch its platform Kratos later this month and is currently testing it with four traders based in Dubai, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. Kratos will use smart contracts for its platform, which will perform operations independently after the specified conditions are met. Each part of the operating chain will be able to use these smart contracts, which cannot be manipulated or duplicated. This reduces the likelihood of fraud and saves a lot of time needed to make a deal. The founder of Arkratos, reports that although the initial platform will not be used for lending, The company is developing a module of trade Finance, through which goods can be bought and sold using trade loans issued under the Kratos system.

The General conclusion about the project Kratos

Goods are a sector in which blockchain is essential. The need to reduce fraud in the heavy document industry gives blockchain greater importance in this case, and also suggests that all goods should be what they appear in advertising. This great innovative technology in tandem with the talents of Kratos developers is likely to bring a very profitable and useful product to our world. I believe that today the Kratos project is one of the most attractive projects in the ICO market. With all the subtleties of the project Kratos, you can find by clicking on the links below. Thank you for your attention!


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