LIQNET is a cryptocurrency exchange with a unique technology of liquidity pooling

Welcome, friends! In today's review of promising ICO projects, my choice fell in favor of the cryptocurrency exchange LIQNET. This review will be useful for both beginners who are just beginning to make their first steps in the crypto-currency market, and advanced traders and analysts in the field of crypto-currencies. I will try to tell you more about the project, what are the advantages, the idea of developers and what is its role in our daily life. Well, everything in order:

What is LIQNET?

LIQNET is one of the world's first cryptocurrency exchanges with the mechanism of the Association of liquidity with different platforms and solutions to the problems of fragmentation of users, their trading requests and orders, creating a single order book with the best market depth at the best prices. This means that you can trade orders, not only LIQNET exchange and other exchanges. Combined liquidity allows you to trade increased volumes at better prices.

Speaking about the uniqueness of the exchange LIQNET, it is necessary to highlight the mechanism of LEN (Liquidity Exchange Network — liquidity exchange Network), which collects and combines the orders of exchange clients and orders from third-party sites in a single glass and makes them available for trading to all clients LIQNET. With the help of LEN users will be able to make transactions at competitive prices with a minimum spread. The solution is relevant, because existing exchanges do not solve the problem of liquidity division between platforms. In the next year, the project team plans to connect 10-15 top exchanges. Next will be connected to the site, for which users will vote for themselves.

The project has no direct competitors. If we talk about the classic crypto-currency exchanges, LEN connects to them through open APIs, and makes trading operations through them, increasing the turnover of the exchange itself and paying a Commission for each operation.

Also, THE owners of len tokens receive privileged conditions. The platform allows YOU to use the purchased len token and provides the opportunity to vote on the direction of spending resources received by the system. In addition to access to the voting service, len token holders receive a discount on the exchange Commission up to 90% depending on the amount of tokens spent on it.

Other advantages of LIQNET:

  1. Desktop applications (native desktop application, MultiСharts, TradingView and MT5).
  2. full-Featured trading apps for Android and iOS.
  3. Online-wallet with the possibility of instant exchange of cryptocurrencies and Fiat currency with one button and a service of simplified investment in cryptocurrencies with the help of paid and free built-in strategies.
  4. Acquiring-a service for accepting payments in cryptocurrencies, which provides sellers with a lot of opportunities and eliminates many risks.

LIQNET-cryptocurrency exchange with unique liquidity pooling technology

Trading platform and ICO:

The project comes to ICO with a finished product, which can already be used in the test mode. Access to trade implemented through a professional web platform LIQNET in which one can distinguish the following key features:

  1. A chart with many tools for technical analysis.
  2. All types of orders and their execution policies.
  3. Tools for scalping trading, marketing and other strategies.

The results of examination of the Agency DigRate, the project received a rating of A2. Experts see the potential for development and the opportunity to generate income from long-term investments.

Simply put, ICO LIQNET is an opportunity to enter the market of cryptocurrency exchange and services through a ready-made project.


LIQNET-cryptocurrency exchange with unique liquidity pooling technology

More information about the project team and consultants can be found by clicking on the link:

Details of the ICO:

Now there are negotiations with large funds and investors, if they close most of the required investment, the public sale will not. If not, LIQNET open public sale. Approximate terms 1-1,5 months.

The name of the token: LEN
Platform: Ethereum
Pre-ICO dates: 07.05.2018 – 27.05.2018
The date of the public sale is still unknown.
The token type: ERC20
Token price: 1 LEN = $1
Number of tokens: 63 746 032LEN tokens
Min. purpose of collection: 20 000 000 USD
Max. goal: 50 000 000 USD
Currency to buy: ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, ZEC, WAVES, XRP


LIQNET was created in 2015 by entrepreneurs Roman Shirokov, Vyacheslav Kasatkin and Evgeny Tarasenko as a result of a detailed analysis of the problems of the foreign exchange market. LIQNET is registered in Singapore, a jurisdiction with some of the most stringent and advanced laws in the field of ICO. Compliance with the requirements of Singapore regulators ensures reliable operation of the company not only in the local but also in the international market.

The aim of the project is to create a unique and reliable exchange capable of combining the liquidity of competing platforms and solve the problem of market fragmentation.

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