National health services play an important role in improving, expanding and saving lives. In many areas, including cancer, asthma and diabetes, these services have significantly improved the health of the patients they serve. Unfortunately, it's still ahead of important issues. One of these problems - to ensure that patients take their medication correctly. It is widely reported that more than 50% of adults who receive long-term treatment of various types of diseases do not fulfill their prescriptions, sometimes with fatal consequences. Curaizon, a pioneer in the medical field of patient support technology, has developed a unique and comprehensive solution that aims to reduce non-compliance with health regulations for the benefit of patients.

According to a World Health Study Outlook, conducted by Deloitte in 2017, it failed to increase health care costs by around $ 700 billion worldwide. Curaizon drug monitoring technology that aims to reduce health care and waste costs, and the promotion of medical research and to accelerate the development of new and more effective drugs.

In the Curaizon ecosystem, there are three important components: CuraServe ™, CuraView & trade; and CuraData ™.

  • CuraServe is a patient / doctor solution with two dashboards, one for patients and the other for medical professionals. The patient panel reminds users to take medication on time and allows them to add reminders of over-the-counter medicines, such as vitamin supplements or birth control pills. These patients can also monitor and compare themselves with other patients. CuraServe controls patients, who make them as stakeholders in their own healing. The Medical Assistance Toolkit allows doctors, nurses and other accredited individuals to access their patient data in real time. The information provided allows them to monitor patients at risk, and decide on the best action based on evidence. For the first time, health care providers can take the initiative, rather than respond to care and care for their patients. Then, data obtained by CuraServe can be used by national health services to optimize service provision.

  • CuraView is a modernized IT platform that is integrated with the existing health care system. This provides patient data to create reports that identify problems from a patient sample. From medicine to disease, from demography to multimorbidity, national health services now have a detailed review of system successes and failures. In addition, CuraView can be used for best practices. It focuses on providing positive and negative services to help solve problems, including those that have never been found before.

  • CuraData combines demographic data and data on the commitment to collect and anonymize drugs at CuraServe in real time. The more data is collected, the quality of the data collection and its anonymity increases. Using a block chain can guarantee the security, transparency, and determination of medical records, as data is protected through encryption, and stored in cloud services, access to which rules and slots are limited according to the storage block chain.

This here Cyrizon can help, guided by the fundamental belief that patients must have their data and should be notified of potential use, and they are asked to give their consent. The company also believes that treatment must focus more on individual needs, because it allows for sharp analysis of large data using sophisticated artificial intelligence techniques available today.


Benefits of Blockchain

Because multiple blockchain copies are stored and managed by consensus on peer-to-peer networks, no one can change the previous transaction.

Basically, cryptographic laws are relatively easy to configure to solve very, very difficult problems. In fact, what is relatively easy for a network is not possible for larger networks to be canceled?

The combination of transparency and eternity also allows us to fully satisfy public authenticity: in the case of digital money, coins are only spent once - they are tracked. Although information cannot be controlled, it can be easily verified thanks to the size and strength of the network.

The nature of the spread accounting book makes it flexible. Although many colleagues access offline, information is still accessible.

The fact that all transactions are transmitted to all employees also makes transparent accounting books. However, the nature of the transaction encoding means that privacy is also guaranteed.

License-based controls allow patents to make decisions and control their data. We act as data entry agents in this context.

Token Sale

Pre-sale: 01/6/2018 - 08/6/2018
Public sale: 08/6/2018 - 08/9/2018
Available for sale: 250,000,000 CTKN (50%)
ICO Price: 1 CTKN = 0.20 USD
Accepting: ETH
Softcap: 1,000,000 USD
Hardcap: 25,000,000 USD

Informasi umum Detail
Token: CTKN
Platform: Ethereum
Standar: ERC20
Kuantitas: 500.000.000 CTKN
Harga: 1 CTKN = 0,20 USD
Pembayaran: ETH
Tutup kaku: $ 25.000.000

Mulai: 06/01/2018
Penyelesaian: 06/08/2018

Mulai: 06/08/2018
Peraturan: 9/8/2018


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