CyberTrust. Expanding the crypro economy worldwide. ICO LIVE.

Hello friends, subscribers and guests of my blog Golos. Today i wanna tell you about CyberTrust.
CyberTrust is a company that provides sales and asset management services for potential investors.
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CyberTrust is a reliable way to invest in securities.
Retail offices can sell you bank securities, but it's such an "old school". Most will agree that it is a very difficult and time-consuming process to personally visit retail stores, when most of the developed world has already switched to "online forms" of account management.
CyberTrust understands that to be globally friendly in the interests of everyone. Location-based discrimination limits productivity, financial opportunities and does not fully utilize our modern technologies. With CyberTrust, you can finally get a global investment vehicle with zero limits! For example, you can decide to invest in a set of securities in Holland, complete with the support of your current bank. The only difference is that Blockchain eliminates expensive documents and intermediaries, so you save money on commissions!

Crypto Conversions
CyberTrust solves this issue by way of the concept of Cryptoderivatives. Since cryptocurrencies are more tangible, investors will buy derivatives from crypto-conversions from this platform, since its value depends on the value of assets such as commodity and currency;

Offline storage
To fully protect assets, CyberTrust provides the ability to store secret assets and keys in storage, developed and maintained by a leading storage provider named Xapo. The storage will be monitored round the clock, by a highly qualified team.

Property rights
For better protection, the storage will be located where Internet access is prohibited. Transactions will be completely legal, subject to granting owners the right to create and issue a new system called GCN (Global Crypto Notes).

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