Innovation is a choice and at times compulsion due to lack of resources which leads to many great things. Cryptocurrency has arrived at a great time when many of us were frustrated with the centralized institutions and their misdeeds over the years. The sudden rise of it has baffled many of its naysayer who are articulating any lies to muddles its credibility in the market. Government regulations and lawmakers aren't helping either. We have many great things to achieve with the help of cryptocurrency, but that cannot be done unless the air around this new technology is cleared. People must know the underlying technology and its future application in the market which can drastically change their lifestyle. There are many forums, websites and cryptocurrency exchanges who are doing that. But, now the time has come where the real-life applications of the cryptocurrency must be implored.

CYBIT is developing an ecosystem of transparent crowdfunding using the blockchain technology. Potential investors on the platform will evaluate each project before investing in it. Anyone can submit his proposal for the investment and development. ICO developers can find themselves at a great position where there are many potential investors ready to invest in the project on its merit. Cryptocurrency based investment will be carried out on the platform for the startups and companies. The second service offered on the platform is the payment system utilizing cryptocurrency. Many services on the platform are uniquely designed to handle large customer request and offer excellent user experience. They also provide consultancy services to the startups who are looking to raise funds through ICO. Overall, the platform is offering simple yet powerful services for the startups and payment solution providers.

Ico details
Billion CBT Tokens are created for the project in which 6.5 billion tokens will be sold in the ICO. 52% of the funds will be spent on the branding and marketing of the platform while 14% of the funds will be spent on the IT infrastructure.

With the advancement in technology, the entrepreneurs now take the digital platform to not only get information about the investors who they have to target. But, also provides you with the idea of how to convince the investor about your business strategy.
"Cybit" is a boon to not only every entrepreneur but also to investors as they would get an opportunity to invest and double the money that they invested.
The biggest advantage that this portal provides you is that you can come to know whether the person is genuine or not as they are verified initially while logining to the portal.
Another advantage that this portal provides is that it makes things clear at the initial level itself which is a positive note on both the front.
All the transactions done on this portal is done with the help of cryptocrrency which is called the cybit utility token.
The portal runs on BlockChain Technology so the security is taken care of as the transaction are being backed up.



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