The goal of the project is to be as transparent as possible in the distribution of tokens and their ownership. The organizers strongly believe that cryptocurrencies are part of the global financial future and are committed to creating a platform of high quality services in this field. CyBit is an open-source ecosystem created to promote crowdfunding! The platform is built on the basis of the ERC-23 Protocol with smart contracts for highly reliable transaction verification and protection against malicious attacks. It applies techniques that support the flexibility of the infrastructure and ensure the security and stability of the system.
CyBit supports three types of fundraising campaigns: initial coin offering (ICO), crowdinvesting and crowdfunding. CyBit offers investors a unique means to Finance projects through the CBT token as a basic working token! The platform provides the maximum comprehensive functionality of smart contracts for the smooth execution of projects with their full transparency and liquidity.
Springboard for start-up projects
Tokens CyBit, or CBT, have many advantages in comparison with the basic common currency. CBT tokens use the secure ERC-23 platform to provide the ability to track tokens through smart contracts. This provides infrastructure flexibility, security, and system stability.
For the convenience of investors, the CBT token is always additionally accepted on the CyBit platform. With the support of investors of pre-ICO, ICO or Crowdinvesting campaigns, they receive an offer in two currencies at once, and this is a double benefit. With the support of a crowdfunding campaign, they receive CyBitCoins, which provides insurance for the project from failure.
Blockchain-based infrastructure. Integrates blockchain technology to provide unique identifiers for each node.
Simple integration of token. Each node has its own token. You can earn tokens by doing certain work.
International system and security. An effective global system that covers trading platforms around the world and provides the best data protection.

CyBit has a proven track record of helping hundreds of organizations bring their ideas to life through successful fundraising campaigns. In 2014, the CyBit team created an independent crowdfunding platform.
With the help of numerous studies of the activity of crowd investors, the CyBit team analyzed the shortcomings of existing crowdfunding websites and identified the reasons why funded projects so often failed. After three years of solid research, analysis, planning and development, the team is ready to present the project "CyBit" — a unique mutually beneficial platform for companies engaged in ICO, crowdfunding and crowdinvesting.
The objective of CyBit is to develop an open ecosystem that involves the consumption and creation of financial products and services in a safe, transparent and convenient environment through crowdfunding mechanisms based on blockchain technology and smart contracts. CyBit specializes in the development and implementation of application software, secure specialized and critical systems, cyber security systems and cryptocurrency systems based on the BLT (Blockchain Ledger Technology) technology.
The management of CyBit has more than 25 years of experience in the development and implementation of a strategic business line in the field of information technology. This expertise extends to the application of technologies to ensure the security of national and international digital systems, through which companies become leaders in their industries. CyBit has a strong team of people who are experts in the relevant fields of activity.

Token distribution
The main phase of token sale is 65%
Partners and consultants-10%
Project team share-13%
Bonuses and reserves-9%
Bounty campaigns-3%
The distribution of profits in tokens

Brand promotion and marketing-52%
Bounty and overhead-3%
Legal and financial support-5%
IT infrastructure-14%
Working capital for campaigns with a gift code-26%
Stages Price discount % discount
Closed investment stage 0.05 $ 80%
Pre-ICO 0,07 $ 72%
ICO, Stage 1 0.10 $ 60%
ICO, Stage 2 0.15 $ 40%
ICO, Stage 3 of $ 0.18 28%
ICO, Step 4 of $ 0.20 20%
Price after ICO 0,25 $ 0%

About ICO CyBit
CBT is a proprietary coin of CyBit company, created to provide reliable peer-to-peer transactions.
The number of tokens for Pre-ICO and ICO is 8.5 billion.
The total offer of tokens for Pre-ICO is 2 billion.
The number of tokens on the main ICO is 6.5 billion.
The price during Pre-ICO 1 CBT= 0,7 cents
ICO, stage 1: 2 billion tokens 1 CBT= 10 cents
ICO, stage 2: 1.5 billion tokens 1 CBT= 15 cents
ICO, stage 3: 1.5 billion tokens 1 CBT= 18 cents
ICO, stage 4: 1.5 billion tokens 1 CBT= 20 cents
Currencies accepted ETH, BTC and LTC

The CyBit team will engage the best legal advisors in the market to ensure full legal compliance with its business model. This applies to all operations of the platform and to the protection of its users.



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