cybrtoken (CYBR) - Network security solution

This time I will discuss projects that provide comprehensive cyber security solutions for blockchain and ensure safe smart transactions. This project is cybrtoken. The CYBR ecosystem is supported by BlindSpot, the exclusive exclusive CYBR security engine that identifies and disrupts malicious actors and activities related to banned files that attempt to influence the confidentiality, integrity and availability of crypto intelligent contract transactions.

About cybrtoken
CYBR is a growing combination of information tailored to the software that will be optimized for blockchain. The CYBR Ecosystem is a comprehensive cyber security solution for blockchain that ensures security, smart transactions occur through portals designed to provide real-time protection, countermeasures and threat intelligence for CYBR communities and other crypto entities and exchanges that depend on our cyber security solutions.

The CYBR ecosystem is supported by BlindSpot, the exclusive exclusive security engine of CYBR, which identifies and disrupts malicious actors and activities related to banned files that attempt to influence the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of crypto intelligent contract transactions. CYBR commercializes and monetizes intelligence that emerges by transforming data into actionable intelligence. CYBR users are rewarded with CYBR tokens for intelligence contributions to their direct threats to the CYBR ecosystem.

CYBR ecosystem is holistic, arithmetic from the whole. Through a portal that provides real-time protection, countermeasures and threat intelligence combined with Blindspot. Blindspot is a powerful virtual security engine that identifies and disrupts evil actors and related file activities. This basically identifies anything that tries to influence the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of a smart contract crypto transaction.

Identify and develop for transactions based on blockchain.
Detection of sophisticated and polymorphic threats that try to avoid detection with
existing protection and countermeasures.
Make sure the transaction is safe by checking the token address.
Near synchronous information feed: emerging threats, new attacks,
phishing sites, evil actors, and others.
Two years of development with current product sales.
Automatic and measurable.
The CYBR portal also offers an exclusive CYBR Wallet, which combines the Name Token Service ("TNS"). The unique TNS feature resolves and reduces public addresses to common names. This gives users the ability to send tokens to known people and entities, checked without the concern of sending to the wrong or wrong address.

CYBR Tokens serve to provide solutions and provide functionality for a three-branch CYBR solution. Services and service supplies related to blockchain and will only be transacted using CYBR Tokens. Prizes for members of the CYBR community will be the specified location of the CYBR Token. CYBR is an intelligent standard ERC20-based token that runs on the network. Etereum and implemented in a business determined by the Company's developer.

CYBR mission
is to provide consistent hazard security units and set up cybersecurity security standards on blockchain.

Token Information
Name : cybrtoken
Token : CYBR
Platform : Ethereum
Type : ERC20
Prices at ICO : 1 CYBR = 0.08 USD
Soft cap : 2,000,000 USD
Hard cap : 15,000,000 USD
Sold tokens : 510,000,000
Distributed in ICO : 51%


Opened East Coast Office (Virginia).
BlindSpot Enterprise Solution is developed and tested strictly.
Larger pilots are deployed.
Sales of companies generate income.
Q2 2018
Detailed design descriptions for the CYBR Ecosystem are completed
More than 30 Million unique, digital identifiers are added to the BlindSpot database.
Model of Software as Service (SAAS) is changed to blockchain and CYBR.
Testnet Ecosystem began to be developed.
CYBR utility token is generated.
Q3 2018
Testnet CYBR will be completed and BlindSpot will be accessible to Windows, Mac and LINUX users.
CYBR will be listed on the top exchange for global trade.
Open the West Coast Office.
Q4 2018
CYBR Presale.
CYBR TGE (Token Generating Event.).
Development of IoS and Android clients will be completed.
Web application, API and IoC funnel creation will be completed.
Web migration to Dreamweaver.
Q1 2019
The CYBR Main Net will be launched.
Open an overseas office.
Q2 2019
Integration of many data intelligence data providers; (some partnerships already exist).
Integration of AI and Machine Learning platforms and frameworks into the CYBR Ecosystem (several partnerships already exist).
Q3-Q4 2019
CYBR will market globally to disrupt and dominate the global market for anti-virus and malicious code.
Assess technology posture / market conditions. push CYBR to as many global market verticals as possible.
Team and Advisor
CYBR Team and Advisors have experience in areas such as :
Blockchain, Maya Security, Focusing, Economics, etc.

Hopefully this information will benefit you all. If you want to participate in ICO CYBR, then the time is right because it's still very early and the chances are very good.
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