The CYBR Ecosystem is a comprehensive cyber security solution for blockchain

Blockchain kinetics has increased or raised the possibility of changing the current financial situation by showing a more proficient, safe, fast and reasonable space, removing the dumbfounded effects of giant budgetality combined. The impact of blockchain on the common cash cognate region cannot be changed, there may not be and or but the most important changes that have occurred in the 21st century. CYBR is a vast information rundown that joins the best programming in its class. which will be upgraded to blockchain. CYBR is a very inclusive security game plan that will do it

The CYBR Ecosystem is a broad and inclusive security response in relation to blockchain that ensures safe, clever trading occurs with methods for regulated doors to provide consistent, countermeasure, and hazard information to the gregarious order CYBR and then other crypto substances and brokers who rely on our computerized security measures.
The condition of CYBR is energized by BlindSpot, a sophisticated CYBR monitoring machine, which perceives and denigrates horrible on-screen characters and unreasonable and unlawful recording activities that attempt to influence the grouping, authenticity, and openness of sapient crypto contract trading.
The mission of CYBR
is to provide consistent hazard security unity and prepare cybersecurity gold standards on blockchain.
The CYBR feature
is unique information that can be broadly expanded and combined with programming that will be changed to blockchain. CYBR is a game security plan that will try to keep a wallet, trade beautiful contracts and allied activities that occur in the blockchain space. The natural framework of CYBR is controlled by BlindSpot, the elite CYBR security engine that senses and interferes with terrible craftsmen and incompatible records by violating the law of activities that seek to influence the grouping, honesty and availability of good crypto contract trading.

CYBR Ecosystem Portal CYBR joins an online interface where CYBR (system) customers authenticate to ensure good trading security occurs. This section offers different capacities including hazard warnings, addressing and checking websites, sending / obtaining tokens, BlindSpot downloads, and strengthening including FAQs, and access to the currently prohibited CYBR database that contains and poses hazards. This section provides an advanced shield, countermeasures, and understanding of hazards to full orders of CYBR and then other crypto components and exchanges.
Information about ICO CYBR
• Symbol: CYBR
• Amount of supply: 1,000,000,000 CYBR
• Price: 0,08 $
• Receive: ETH
• Starting ICO: 15 October 2018
• End of ICO: 30 Nov 2018
• Softcap: 2,000,000 $
• Hardcap: 15,000,000 $
Контактная информация
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Баунти ВТТ:
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Телеграмма: http://tg//join?пригласить = IpnOJQ6irqRQU3RpE414lA
YouTube: / канал / UC8lRBFFVzxbBcYLjGu4FFjA

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