Cities with no bike paths, c'monnnnnnn guys!

While being on a bike a lot, we all realize that we need to be alert in the traffic around us because we are vulnerable

When you look at this image from rush hour traffic in Lucerne yesterday, the only thing that I was thinking when I took this shot is 'Damn, someones is really going to die here one day' And at that exact moment at both sides of me two busses passed by. And as you can see, that bike path aint that wide. Steady Karin, hold your steering wheel!!


Two different auto lanes, where cars are also switches lanes with a bike path in the middle AND on the side. Imagine that you also still have traffic lights here with loads of tourists who also ignore light. This is often what you see in older cities, where you have bridges and limited space to expand.

It feels a little bit like these cities are not willing to change the whole infrastructure and put in separate biking lanes to encourage people to use bikes more as main transportation, which I find is totally a miss-hit! A lot of people that I know here in the city tell me they will not consider biking because they find it too dangerous. Also on some of the more main roads between different villages there are no separate biking paths which will make you be on the same road where cars are driving 80 km/h

Bad stuff! But it could also be like this


Paths where the cyclists are safe from cars. Damn, I see so much possibilites here in the area. And especially being a Dutchy I KNOW this is possible. A while back I wrote about the hovenring which is an elevated biking path over a busy crossing. Art and safety at the same time.

We still have a long way to go here in Switzerland, but I am presuming that with more and more people switching over to E-bikes as a main form of transportation here, this might just be the golden ticket

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