Welcome my dear friends.Today is a day off, which means I have prepared a lot of interesting projects for you.The goal of the Czero project is to promote the use of electric vehicles around the world, taking into account the need to create an ecosystem that is based on a reward system: the more the consumer uses an electric vehicle (thereby reducing carbon emissions), the more Czero tokens are received.

Tokens are intended for exchange for services or products in Zero&Partner networks. Token CZMT needs to become the de facto currency of the users of electric vehicles.

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Softcap: $ 5 million.

Hardcap: $ 50 million.

Platform: ETH

The price during the ICO: us $ 0.3
ICO dates: June 10-July 23, 2018
Token distribution:

57.1% - sale

37.5% - on IOT transactions

5.7% - team, founders

1.5% - advisers and lawyers

The system of work of the project Czero

CZero Electromotives & Ecosystems is a start – up company based in India and has received patents for its products.

· Each device ecosystem chip IOT. These chips remotely send data about the consumption of resources such as electricity in kW

· These transactions are recorded in CZERO IOT Blockchain Network, which is a network ERC20 with a high level of execution of the transaction

  • On the basis of these transactions, when a certain threshold is reached, a reward is charged to the user's wallet

  • The user can either spend these tokens in the CZERO network for various services or exchange them for other tokens in the ETH network

List of some of the flagship products of the Czero project:

  • wireless chargers (EV charging station)

  • battery replacement station

  • wireless charging along with Li-ion battery

  • project platform-a fully cloud-based server program that reliably manages all aspects of the product and its use

Road map of the Czero project

  • Q2 2017-during one of their visits to the US, the future founders of the project drove a Tesla car. Over a Cup of coffee, discussing all the pros and cons of the current scenario, the idea of the project was born

  • Q4 2017 - the first prototype of the product. Obtain a patent

  • 2nd quarter 2018 - consultation on the project "Smart city". The launch of the pre-ICO and ICO

Detailed information on the next stages of the project roadmap can be found on its website

Project team Czero

The CZero team consists of people with many years of experience in high technology, software and business entrepreneurship with a degree from the best Indian universities.

More information about the employees can be found on the project website.



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