CoTrader : Blockchain Decentralized Funds Marketplace for Crypto & ICOs

 Hello community steemit, If you are interested in joining CoTrader project, it is a good idea to read reviews that can help you get information that might help you in viewing their mission vision:CoTrader is a transparent investment fund market on blockchain. Offers complete liquidity, asset control, security, privacy, and proven investment returns. Supports cryptography, ICO, stocks, shorts, derivatives, and all trading assets through exchange of tokenization exchange of super-DEX infrastructure and anonymous Protocol smartphone. 

 In the future, as more assets will appear in other criptogame projects, these asset licenses will also be traded on CoTrader. These include symbolic shares, financial instruments, real estate, and more. 

 This is just to show other kryptones like bitcoin, for example, Ethereum, because unlike over-the-counter assets like dollars in Tether, it's easy to prove that the correct amount of bitcoin is bought and sold in every Ethereum transaction. 

 However, CoTrader does not have to wait until all the assets are marked to support them. For starters, for the technology developed the cryptoscope of the atom swap with the interconnect circuit. 

 Smartphone. Smart funds allow Fund managers to prove their return on investment and trading assets on behalf of investors, ensuring that only investors can withdraw Deposit funds. Intelligent funds support ICO with group purchase discounts, global sales 1-fold KYC and ICO (tokens to be shipped or opened by Publishers later) via CoTrader DEX. 

 Confidentiality, preservation of the anonymous Protocol. The unique and patented CoTrader Fund protocol extends the intellectual foundation to prove ROI Fund managers, but does not reveal their valuable trading strategies. Anonymous tools can be implemented using any basic privacy mechanisms that maintain smart contracts, such as proof of zero knowledge and call signatures. 

 Problem & Solution
The main problem is that investing in cryptos and ICOs can be very complicated and time consuming. Most of the time investors lacking in time to do research properly like where to invest, which ICO is the best one because there are 1000s of cryptos and ongoing ICOs projects which overwhelmed the investors.
CoTrader solves this problem of complexity by providing fund managers to manage investor funds. This platform supports non-tokenized assets by tokenizing entire exchanges at a time which support stocks, cryptos, ICOs and ICOs pre-sale on providing transparency, security and proven ROI under the blockchain. 

CoTrader solves the complexity problems of investing. CoTrader suppots crypto and will support all assets such as stock, options and other derivatives. CoTrader is building the world’s first truly decentralized and trustless platform that enables users to invest in and manage funds onchain. These funds, known as Smart Funds, are managed by fund managers received a percentage of the profits they have made for their investors. Investors remain in control of their money and are able to deposit and withdraw from any fund any time. 

 CoTrader solves the complexity problem of investment management, and aims to become the world’s largest investment funds marketplace by democratizing the $85 trillion global funds industry. For the first time in history, investors, now powered by CoTrader’s blockchain platform, can have their investments managed with complete transparency, control of assets, and proof of a fund’s past returns-on-investments (ROI). 

 What is the goal of CoTrader?
Their goal is to help people realize greater financial freedom by maximizing investment returns in minimal time. They connect investors from both sides of the expertise spectrum for their mutual benefits; they are democratizing investment funds for a creative world with fewer boundaries.What is the Importance of CoTrader?
They enable investors to co-trade rather than copy trade. The fundamental difference is that when copy trading the copiers always lags behind the lead trader, always receiving a worse price than the copied trader. When copy trading, all tokens are traded by a single entity giving the same price to all shareholders of the smart fund 

 The main advantage of CoTrader's smart funds is that they allow investors to trade together rather than copy trades. The main difference is that when copying a trade copier always lags behind a reputable merchant, it always gets a worse price than the copied merchant. When trading together, all tokens are traded by one entity that provides the same price to all shareholders with the Smart Fund.White paper. On the project website is presented whitepaper, which can be found by anyone in EnglishSales Token.

  • Token Sale Date: June 1, 2018 to July 30, 2018.
  • Hardcap is 10 000 000 $
  • Price - 1 ETH = 1.000.000 COT

Token Distribution:

  • 30% TGE ICO
  • 10% MM + Seed + Water
  • 40% of Operation
  • 20% Command

RoadmapAlso on the project website there is information about the roadmap, calculated until 2019. The beta version of this platform is already in the test network for public ICO, which is scheduled to start at the end of Q2 2018. A month after that, the platform will appear on the Mainnet network. Privacy features are planned for the first quarter of 2019. Everywhere more exchanges will be added for Smart Fund managers to trade all assets, which they refer to as cryptography, ICO futures or other traded assets. 

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