What is special about The Abyss platform!

About ABYSS platform
The Abyss is a new generation digital distribution platform that will feature games of all genres (Free2play MMO games and crypto games will be a priority), including AAA games. The main feature of The Abyss is the availability of motivational and multi-level referral programs, in which players can earn on gaming and social activities, as well as on other people's payments in games. Thanks to The Abyss, developers will reduce marketing costs and will also be able to get additional revenue from referral payments in other platform games.

Priority internal mechanism of interaction on the platform will be the ABYSS tokens (ERC20 protocol on Ethereum block system). The platform will be presented on Desktop (Windows, MacOS, Linux), Mobile (iOS and Android) and Web.

The Abyss platform is a new gaming ecosystem where developers are given the opportunity to cut marketing costs, exchange traffic and gain access to additional services. Players, in turn, will be able to play their favorite games and earn, creating their content and inviting friends to the platform. The platform will be developed by the Russian company Destiny.Games, known on the market since 2008.

As of 2016, the segment of MMO games grew by 13%, and in 2017 the revenue of the entire game industry market exceeded $ 100 billion. In this case, MMO-games for PC are confidently leading in all respects among games of all genres. Last year, it was the MMO-games that accounted for 60% of the profits from the sale of all PC games. The figure is quite impressive.

Problem solving
The cumbersomeness and slowness of gaming platforms;
Availability and effectiveness of advertising campaigns in the gaming industry;
Motivational program for users;

Main Benefits
Increase revenue from one user: a multi-level referral program through which a user attracted by a developer generates additional revenue for him (paid by ABYSS token) from all payments and achievements in any other game on the platform. The player can earn: a similar referral system, through which players receive income (paid by ABYSS token) for attracting friends, not only for their payments, but also for various activities on the platform (achievements, content creation, attraction of new referrals, ) .Economy of money on marketing campaigns: the internal system of advertising offers allows to exchange traffic with other developers, attracting and transferring only relevant users.

A simple authentication system. Implemented a unified authentication system (with support for social networks), which allows users to easily connect to the platform and access all the features offered by the service. Two-factor authentication and other tools to protect user accounts. Single billing and dual-currency transactions. A unified system for receiving payments through reliable payment services. Developers can receive payments for their games in the usual fiat currency, as well as in ABYSS tokens.
Customer Support. 24-hour support service reduces the natural outflow of users. The deeper the support service is integrated into the game, the higher the loyalty of its players. Transparent system of statistics and reporting. The most popular metrics in the gaming industry and convenient reporting forms are available for each project immediately after integration. Forum. A convenient place for communication between all participants of the game ecosystem.

Gamers' Benefits
Personal five-level referral program
Earnings from personal and friends' achievements
Monetization of content created
Earning extra income at in-game auction
Syndication to earn from joint activities
Tokens transferred to personal Ethereum account

Developers' Benefits
Personal five-level referral program
Target and content-generating audience at the start of the project
Access to specialized game statistics
Multilingual 24/7 customer support
Convenient traffic rotation mechanism in every game on the platform
Simple techniques to get internal and external traffic

How does it work
The technology of blocking is the most promising for the gaming industry, because it allows you to enjoy all the advantages of tokens to the maximum. The ABYSS (ERC20) token will be the main mechanism on the Abyss platform. Most of the various internal services will use the ABYSS tokens. Also earnings will be paid in tokens.

Distribution of User Payments
The developer receives 70% of payments made in his game. The platform receives 30% of all payments in any game.

Rewards System
Multilevel Referral Programs: 1/3 of the platform's net revenue from user payments is distributed to referral programs.
Multilevel Motivational Programs: Distribution as follow - 60% to game achievements (personal, referral, collaborative), 25% to syndicates (Masternodes) and 15% to content creation.

Game Achievements
One of the ways of retaining players is through game achievements. The Reward Bank is regularly used to make payments to all users for personal game achievements as well as referral achievements.

Syndicates (Masternodes)
Syndicates is a mechanism for bringing together players who may not be connected in a single game, and an additional method of monetizing the social activities of the platform based on blockchain technology. A syndicate is a collaborative game activity enabling receipt of an additional income depending on the rating of the syndicate. The syndicate's rating is influenced by three indicators: Number of ABYSS tokens in the syndicate's account; Shelf life of each lot of tokens; Personal rating of each participant in the syndicate, figured from the sum of motivational accruals.

Content Creation
There are many mechanisms for sustaining the interest in a game and shaping public opinion about it, such as articles, streams, reviews, guides, fan art, videos and stories. There are two options in the interface for publishing any material: Like/Unlike, which can be monetized; Opportunity to receive ABYSS tokens from other users in the form of rewards for a quality content.

An auction is a way to buy or sell game components or non-play badges of various types for ABYSS tokens. The commission for transactions is minimal and is determined as following: 3% of the sum of the transaction goes to the platform, 5% to the game.

About Abyss ICO
Abyss is a new cryptocurrency that is set to be the very first DAICO ICO. DAICO is a method of fundraising that was suggested by Vitalik Buterin that merges some aspects from DAOs(Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) with ICOs to make them more transparent and secure. The Abyss is crypto rewards ecosystem for video games and developers. While there are some similar projects out there already, I don't think that the space is overly crowded yet.

What sets this apart from an ICO such as Crycash is the fact that it is a bit more than just a crypto rewards platform for developers to give gamers an incentive to play their games. The Abyss provides the gamer more ways to monetize their gaming other than just earning the incentive provided by the developer by allowing the gamer to create and monetize their in-game footage and content, and by provided a 5-level affiliate program. This means that getting your friends on board the project can help you earn more money and when they refer someone else, you will be benefiting from that as well, all the way through 5 levels!

The cost of The Abyss tokens during the ICO are based on Ethereum. 1 Ethereum gives you 5,000 Abyss tokens and there will be a 25 percent bonus for Day 1 investments. Days 2-5 feature a 15 percent bonus, days 6-10 feature a 10 percent bonus, and days 11-15 feature a 5 percent bonus.The ICO will have 100,000 Ethereum hard cap and there will be a maximum of 1.15 billion tokens. Any unsold tokens will be burnt.



Konstantin Boyko Romanovsky
-More than 17 years in the gaming industry
-Foundator Destiny.Games
-successful blocking investor
Vladimir Kurochkin
-12 year experience in the game industry
-Huge experience in project development
Artyom Veremeenko
-The leading game
-Designer with more than 14 years of experience
-Executive producer
Yevgeny Petrov
-More than 8 years of experience in marketing
-More than 2 years in the gaming industry
-Worked in the largest company Mail.ru Group, where he participated in projects such as Pung, Eternal
and others

For further information about the Abyss project and their Token Sale, or if you’d like to read up more on the project, the technology it is based on, checkout the following official sources

Token Sale :
Whitepaper : https://theabyss.docsend.com/view/nff9r2c
Social Media :
Telegram : https://t.me/theabyss
Twitter : https://twitter.com/theabyss
Facebook : https://web.facebook.com/theabyss
Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/theabyssplatform/
Medium : https://medium.com/theabyss
My btt acount : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1287832
Author: https://t.me/AlexBorn39

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