As the ICOVO project works


As the ICOVO project works

Friends there is nobody not a secret that ICO became in the new way for earnings. Both for developers all of possible projects and for investors. Growth of projects on blockchain of technology strikes! Projects are more and more directed to social spheres doing cryptocurrency more well

However there is also other party. As the ICO projects it is a new form of business and fund raising. In this branch a large number of swindlers is active now. Their task to raise money of investors and to disappear safely.

As the cryptocurrency remains perspective. Community of investors and developers all possible projects try to struggle with swindlers. At the beginning have entered the KYC procedure. However in my opinion this procedure hasn't really stopped swindlers. Also I have divided community into supporters and those who is negative to this procedure.


The ICOVO project tries to create the unique platform for investors. Where the interests of investors will be protected. In my opinion it is important it development of cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency community in general. And such instrument of protection is necessary for us. ICOVO in the white papers has provided the schedule of growth of ICO projects.

The created smart contact under the name DAICOVO is based on the idea of DAICO about the decentralized management of a token

The system will allow to withdraw funds for startups only in that case when all requirements of previously loaded traffic I are fulfilled. Because of it founders of a startup won't be able to run away having gained the necessary sum of money. If the investor sees problems with creation of the platform or other important defects he have the right to refuse investment and to return the means

The transparency of the project and members of design group will be many times higher as creators of ICOVO provide KYC/AML of any of the member of ICO. All occurs by the centralized method. Also the transparency will be increased at the expense of assessment of activity of the user on his social networks and the GitHub updates on the ICOVO portal

Introducing a safe purse in the proprietary application of ICOV for mobile phones - developers allow users to understand and understand better complex sales of a token and also management of counters!

All information on the project and team will be provided for investors on the website ICOVO. Availability becomes higher due to providing the summary of all projects of a similar format!!!

Purposes and key features of the platform
As we have already told ICOVO to seek to improve an ekogologiya inside a blockchain of technologies namely in carrying out ICO for future startups. From now on swindlers will be less and less. Over what this platform specifically is based


Providing protection for investors and increase in transparency for ICO
Decrease in various barriers to participation in ICO
Optimization of the concept of a startup for the purpose of its durability
The feature of the project is that it will have the exclusive smart contract as we already spoke about it earlier. A certain system which will allow to remove means only in compliance to requirements to the capital of previously loaded schedule of the project will be connected. Even at that moment when the investor has noticed a problem with the project, he can in easy return the investments which have been initially involved.

The following feature is that the transparency of all members of the team of the project will be increased social networks of participants and also various updates in GitHub and on the most official site will be actively monitored.

Also we are waited by a surprising purse which will be embedded in a customized application for smartphones already now. The application will help to understand process of participation in complex sales of various tokens

In the application there will also be a report of all projects which use the ICOVO platform. This moment considerably will affect simplification of the general understanding for investors. Personally to be pleasant to me still the fact that now it won't be necessary to undergo the KYC procedure constantly


ICOVO – the decentralized platform on the basis of blockchain of technologies! The platform serves as the place for carrying out ICO. Thereby guaranteeing safety of investments. This platform will be the first stage to development of ICO and restoration of investor confidence. The platform will offer a new smart the contract DAICOVO. Also will develop Web the version of the platform and will release App. Also the ecosystem will possess the unique exchange Decentralized Exchange.
In general the project will possess all necessary both for carrying out ICO and for investors.
The IPFS function prevents and blocks introduction in technological documentation. Very conveniently for investors as they control development of ICO at any stage.

DAICOVO - the unique platform for release of tokens. The platform will use the ERC20/ERC223 protocols compatible to DAICOVO. Also functions of a cryptocurrency purse compatible to ERC20/ERC223 will be available. There will be a KYC/AML function for investors. Function of registration of ICO will open. DAICOVO will carry out an inspection of documentation and also legal check and work flow on the project.

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