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With the development of electronics, and in particular smartphones, their importance in our daily lives has increased tenfold. Now to pay for a bank account, to make any purchase, book tickets, look up stock quotes or the weather forecast you need is your smartphone and Internet access. Every day there are more and more mobile applications that meet the new needs of users.

For example, calculate how many social networks exist at the moment or what a huge number of very similar graphics editors or mobile games. The main problem is the great similarity of features in them and slight differences. There are so many apps that users already refuse to pay for them and most of them are free. A complex process of selection and registration in each application repels their implementation.

To cover the cost of developing and maintaining applications, developers transfer them to cloud services and implement a monthly or annual subscription format. Small business usually uses 5-10 such applications, and a large company requires a lot more of them. Additional difficulties arise with the preservation of logins and passwords and the use of separate credit cards for each application. While working in cloud-based centralized services, you are also faced with constant duplication of functions and you should be aware of all the risks of use(for example, when you close the service you have little time to keep all the data on your project). This approach of the service enriches manufacturers, but is inconvenient and expensive for users.

With the advent of decentralized applications on blockchain technology, use in everyday life has become more complicated. In order to use such services, you have to pay for them with your own cryptocurrency, which is very difficult even for an experienced user. This problem will increase with the development of decentralized technology and the demands of the community.

Cardstack project aims to eliminate all these disadvantages and offer a new model of application use! It is idea struck me and I decided to share it with you!


The aim of the project is to create an open decentralized platform for all people, which will unite autonomous mobile applications, cloud services and decentralized applications. To solve any problem, the platform will divide each application into separate functions and recommend the user to combine the solutions of each small task to provide the best overall solution. The user can only combine these blocks into a single solution. This method of solving problems the team called progressive decentralization (figure below).


At first glance, the idea looks quite difficult to understand, but due to the fact that the external interface will look like familiar to us applications implementation and development of the platform will be much faster and easier.

Cardstack provides a toolkit that reveals the potential of a decentralized Internet for everyone. All applications on the platform are open source. Any developer, if they have an interesting idea, can improve the application and implement it. And since users pay only for active use choosing only the best services, the developers have an incentive to do better services.

So what are the benefits of Cardstack?

  1. A fair economic model for decentralized application creators. The buyer enters into a transaction with the software vendor through smart contracts. The cost includes payment for the creation of the application, the direct cost of running the application, as well as the maintenance and refinement of all components.
  2. Users will get a new level of organization of their entire digital life. The platform will open access to global cloud computing power based on smart contracts.

Behind the creation of the project is a very strong team led by an expert in the field of digital product development Chris TSE. He has developed a variety of products for Fortune 500 companies. Cardstack architecture and core Components have been evolving and improving for 3 years.

With this platform, millions of users can now work in the same environment and improve their digital future and well-being.

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