DAV Network - transport revolution (ICO)

From the very beginning of the first car began the rapid development of transport technologies. It's been more than two hundred years since the first car began its first movement on the roads. Slow pace, but the car has become an indispensable thing for a modern man. No enterprise, no organization can function without such a beautiful creation called the car. But even this technology has a lot of its shortcomings, on which the technology centers of large automobile companies work day and night. The biggest problem is traffic jams, which unfortunately every year to become more and more. And experts concluded that by 2035, 85% of cars in developed countries will be controlled by an unmanned control system. Many companies such as Tesla and Uber are already working on this, but they lack such technology as blockchain.

And the company DAV Network wants to develop this technology on a decentralized community, which distinguishes it from all other companies.
DAV Network is a transport platform based on blockchain technology.

The DAV platform will consist of three types of users

  • Landlord - the owner of an unmanned vehicle or drone, which will lease its unmanned device.
  • A user-any person who has applied. The user can order an unmanned device in the form of a taxi or in the form of delivery.
  • Service companies-all who will serve the unmanned device (wash, repair, provide Parking with charging and insure).
    All participants of the DAV platform will pay for services or earn in DAV tokens.

I'll give you an example of how it will work.

The user using a mobile phone will be able to choose the type of service, for example, to call a taxi. The first available car will come to you, a smart contract will be created automatically. When all the conditions of the smart contract are met, DAV tokens will be written off from the user's account in the amount specified in the smart contract. When the unmanned vehicle needs charging, it will search automatically for the nearest Parking place with the charging device. For services from the account of an unmanned vehicle, DAV tokens will be automatically written off to the person or company to which these services were provided.

The same process will happen with unmanned drones.

If in the process of delivering your cargo, the drone will need to be charged, it will automatically transfer your cargo to another drone. They will distribute DAV tokens among themselves according to the smart contract.

Or if during the delivery of your cargo, an unmanned drone will be notified of the storm, it will automatically transfer your cargo to an unmanned vehicle, and fly to a safe Parking.

Each unmanned device will have an individual wallet cryptocurrency DAV. A big plus to everything that the system will not have intermediaries, now the passenger and the driver will work directly thanks to the blockchain, which will significantly reduce the price of services. And since the system will be decentralized, you can not be afraid that the system may be scammers or criminals.

Let me tell you about DAV technology, which consists of three main components.

  • Decentralized Detection

DAV allows Autonomous vehicles to discover each other as well as service providers and customers around them. But it will not idle detection, decentralized detection, this will apply the similar algorithm that is used for identifying the nodes of Ethereum, and this ensures 100% safety. Attackers will not be able to impersonate other nodes, and will not be able to fake information.

  • Communication protocol

DAV defines a library of standardized communication protocols for different transport scenarios. This communication is divided into two groups:

  1. With on - blockchain, communication is done directly by calling smart contracts and through the events emitted by these smart contracts
  2. With off - the blockchain, data occurs between peers using DAV protocols.
  • Trustless Cooperation Tools

This is a smart contract that will treat all participants impartially, everything is very simple, the contract is executed, the payment is made, the contract is not executed, the payment is not made.

From the studied I have revealed a number of advantages of the company DAV Network:

  • Blockchain allows you to save each smart contract that can not be deleted, which will allow you to create a rating system for all participants of the DAV network. If the carrier will be a lot of broken smart contracts, respectively, the system will exclude it.
  • The system is fully decentralized and it can not be hacked in any way, the system is not controlled by the state, the Bank or the company.
  • Instant and convenient payment with a smart contract.
  • Built-in smart contract that provides trust cooperation between multiple vehicles and service providers.
  • Significant reduction of traffic jams.
  • A huge innovation breakthrough.
  •  Very strong team.

It's time to tell you about the DAV team.

  • Dr. Alan Messer
    Automotive Advisor to the General motor company, works in the field of advanced software and intelligent services for connected consumers, and is one of the best professionals around the world for 20 years!-
  • Dr. Scott Horowitz
    Aerospace Advisor, served in the air force instructor combat fighter f-15, a former NASA astronaut, space Shuttle commander, NASA Deputy administrator for research.
  • Dr. Gregg Colvin
    Technology consultant, core Ethereum Foundation Developer and key Ethereum virtual machine(EBM) engineer.
  • George D. Zamka
    Aviation Advisor, NASA astronaut, commander of space Shuttle, as well as the head of the FAA
  • Priyanka Khaitan
    IoT Advisor, head of new technologies for SAMP Leonardo digital power & business unit.

This is one of the few of this great team as you can see. I have never seen such a strong team in any project, and to see in the astronaut team, and yet no one says how this project is significant, and how many new opportunities it opens up to the world. For a long time, many global car brands have tried to introduce such innovations, but no company was so close to this as the company DAV, and moreover the company does not hide its technology, but rather call on third-party developers to join the creation of a single, DAV network, which can significantly speed up the process.

You probably think that in theory it's all beautiful, but in practice it will work differently.

Today in the South of Italy, test work is underway with unmanned drones, and how they interact with charging stations, among themselves and with customers. The tests are quite successful.

In the future, the company plans to interact with marine vessels on the same principle, where you just make an order, and the system will do the rest for you. The team works well on the roadmap, which also distinguishes it from many other companies.

Token Sale (11.06.2018 - 25.06.2018)

DAV Network - DAV token, compatible with ERC20 Ethereum

Total Tokens - 1,940,199,335

ICO Token Price: 1 DAV - 0.0700 USD (0.00010000 ETH)

Hardcap - 63,123 ETH Min/Max Personal Cap: 0.2 ETH/150 ETH

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