Decentralized Autonomous Vehicles Network for Transportation Business


Nowadays the usage of autonomous vehicles becomes common for people. Companies all around the world attract drones to deliver their goods and products. Among them are such famous brands as Domino's pizza, who uses delivery robots, Amazon's Prime Air drones and Wayamo's autonomous taxis. It reflects the modern tendency to fully autonomous transportation systems. The usage of autonomous vehicles requires high investments and an enormous number of the software developers, who can resolve problems with the perception, localization, charging and docking of vehicles.

According to the Decentralized Autonomous Vehicles network (DAV), the usage of autonomous vehicles can result in savings estimated in $1 trillion by 2030. In this case creation of collaborative infrastructure can result in financial improvements for all members of the network. So, today companies have a choice. Instead of creating an entire network they can use DAV protocol in order to become a part of an existing network, using open standards and paying no fees.

DAV platform for customers and drone owners

The target aim of DAV lies in work organization of a great amount of autonomous vehicles. It demands not only financial expenses but also resource and time management. It is obvious, when the autonomous vehicles are not in use, they should be kept in specially created parking spots. Charging stations must be widely spread in the target area. Supporting services such as cleaning, repair and rescue also have to be provided.

DAV Network is a platform created to connect autonomous vehicles with any user of the network. Within the DAV platform customers and vehicle owners can arrange deals. Customers can pay using a DAV token for the transportation services, while owners of the self-driving vehicles can earn tokens for the provided services.

Advantages of decentralized DAV ecosystem

DAV is an open transportation protocol. It consists of drones, blockchain technology and trusted ecosystem which operates in a trustless environment. DAV ecosystem was created as a global open transportation network. This network includes anyone involved in moving people and objects from one place to another. Every user of the DAV network can discover services within the network. For example, riders can discover drivers, drivers can discover charging stations, etc.

Developers can use an open protocol to introduce their unique value to the network. Decentralized DAV network gives platform participants an opportunity to communicate with each other through the common communication protocol. The combination of decentralized identities and decentralized transaction history allows to expose the full history of successful transactions. DAV system provides users with transparency and access control.


Token Sale Plan


Once the autonomous vehicles enter the market companies are no longer hiring the employees to drive a car. So DAV connects vehicles, users and services in the frames of one network. It also enables anyone to purchase equipment that is compatible with the protocol and make it available in the network in return for tokens. There is a unified open protocol for anyone who enters the network, whether they are taxi or delivery companies or simply someone, who owns a drone. That means that there is no need for multinational cooperation to have utility, because the DAV protocol connects all users. The DAV platform is expanding as more and more companies join it and it has already been integrated into some of their vehicles.



This review by Bonanza Kreep is all opinion and analysis, not investment advice.

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