New Economy With Distributed Credit Chain

Speed with which cryptocurrencies win the world grows every day. However not all spheres of human activity keep up to date, even such demanded as finance.

In this regard there was a new project on the basis of digital assets – DCC Finance. This project is the first-ever public decentralized platform on the basis of a blockchain the purpose of which establishment and distribution of the decentralized ecosystem around the world is.

To increase innovative influence in the world of modern technologies there was a Distributed Credit Chain company which wants that her innovative ideas transformed all digital trade system worldwide. For a start they have decided to transform a banking system. Developers want to create absolutely new unique campaign which will satisfy needs of all consumers for this sphere.

Distributed Credit Chain or is reduced (DCC) it is the Chinese project which is one of innovative projects in the IT industry. DCC seeks to create the decentralized platform which will become the leader in the field of banking services in modern digital economy. The platform will perform such functions as providing the credit reporting, management of the personal capital, daily operations with your assets in real time without any intermediaries. The project is created in 2017. As well as the majority of projects which have included a blockchain technology in the platform and are aimed at decentralization by the main task put modernization of the current economic situation, destruction of monopolies of large corporations.


Resolves by DCC a number of very important issues.

First it is speed. Many processes are automated and now you don't need to go, stand in long queues anywhere, to communicate with people whom you don't know that you would like to receive these or those banking services;

The second - depreciation of all services. As the human factor is almost excluded from this process that there is a huge economy and improvement of quality of services. And because of the fact that there is a big economy it is possible to reduce the cost of services without loss of quality and profitability;

Well and in - third-this exception of the fact of fraud through technology a blockchain. Banks won't be able to deceive you because all data will be in open system and you will be able to see any transactions and any actions at any time.

The company wants to develop global network worldwide that any person on the planet could use services DCC. Now everyone can make a contribution to these or those financial instruments to people and not just a small part of the elected rich people having huge amounts of money. As is well-known to earn money money kind of is necessary it is banal sounded. The distributed credit network of the company will allow any group of society to use financial instruments for development of the personality in the economic sphere.

Distributed Credit Chain has own token of DCC. Than more people trust the companies DCC especially liquid there will be a token of this company so and will grow in the price. DCC will serve all calculations on the Distributed Credit Chain platform and also you will be able to sell this token at the exchanges to remove in Fiat or to exchange for any other currency.
Large international corporations and also anonymous heads who also have decided to make the contribution to development of this project became the main investors of the platform. Having broken monopoly of banks each person in the world can give someone money on credit for percent and return the money with the in percent passing banks of the government and other intermediaries. Choosing decentralization we choose freedom. Thanks to decentralization and technology a blockchain we can change this world having made him more open and, above all safe for our children.

The elimination of monopoly existing in the market today transfer of the financial sphere to the decentralized way of life change of business structure and government regulation will become advantage of this ecosystem.

To become the participant of the project it is necessary to get tokens DCC Finance. This type of a token corresponds to the ERC20 format and will be supported by the bulk of e-wallets. The total of tokens makes 10 millard. It will be possible to get tokens for Ethereum. For sales 200 million tokens are allocated. proceeds will be distributed between various spheres of the project.

The main part from proceeds will be aimed at the further development and development of the platform, 20% will be used for motivation of command for creation and improvement of design of the project, the main sources, a commercial environment, 18% will be aimed at the subsequent development of the project, hiring of new employees and marketing tools.
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And in conclusion I want to tell...

Certainly the project deserves attention and detailed studying. The purpose of the project is improvement and change of all financial transactions. We can't stand aside it concerns each of us.

Long ago it is already time to change something, will be enough to suffer and indulge large finance companies which dictate the rules we will tell the resolute isn't present to high operational contributions, we will say no to high interest rates.

In my opinion the DCC system with a huge potential which with use of technology a blockchain will enter changes into a banking system will develop absolutely new standards which will bring all financial industry to new level where our interests will be considered.

The technology a blockchain with open access of data will quickly and effectively check data and at a concrete stage in case of need, all these data will be settled by plus will protect from risky operations.

Not only will change DCC all system of the financial market and also will take care of that that on growth of system it was possible for participants and to earn.

Read! study the project, his concept and draw conclusions - take part!
The platform DCC for you and in your interests!


— Autor: upbit
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