Drones are air vehicles that have various shapes such as airplanes, helicopters or other operated ones without using crews or pilots using remote control and using a GPS system (Global Positioning System) is a satellite-based navigation system to show the drone position.

some of the drone functions are:
Take a video shoot or altitude photo.
Used as a freight forwarding facility.
Used in the process of making a movie to take pictures using the camera from a height.
Military drones or drones used by government agencies are usually used for intelligence activities.
Drones can also be used to monitor areas that are considered harmful.
Some government agencies use drones for air mapping.
Drones can also be used for research purposes such as wind direction monitoring.
And many more.

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV's) are now increasingly popular many companies see the future in the UAV industry. But there are certain laws and regulations that need to be addressed before buying and operating an unmanned aircraft.
Drone Registration.
When and where you need to fly it.
Where drones are not allowed.
Avoid collision.
Privacy privacy.
Drone photography rules.

So far, 4100 unmanned aircraft users have been registered with the General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA).
Deep aero is cutting building, decentralized, AI technology driven solution on blockchain for drone economy.

Deep Aero has several basic products:

Monitor unmanned aerial vehicles
Monitoring the traffic volume of Deep Aero (UTM) unmanned aerial vehicles will be a distributed intelligent independent platform independent of the unmanned air traffic volume
In the future, there is the possibility that millions of billions of aircraft will have billions in the sky above our city. You need a traffic management system that can deliver unmanned aircraft from buildings, people, dangerous situations, and other unmanned aerial vehicles. Many unmanned aerial vehicles are too small so they are too close to the ground and can not be detected by radar. Deep aero wants to develop a better system


DEEP AERO builds an autonomous drill economy supported by AI & Blockchain. We will completely change the urban transportation system by bringing in flight demand and freight transport at your fingertips

This system has the following basic functions.
DeepChain Registration System UAS (DCU): This is a block based registration system that provides unique identification codes for unmanned aerial vehicles, pilots and operators.
DeepChain UAS Identification System (DCU): The identification system uses a series of blocks to identify and provide special services for registering UTM unmanned aerial vehicles, pilots and operators.
DeepChain Information System UAS (DCU): The system provides context recognition, location information and effectiveness on UAS in real time, air information, weather information, spatial information, information monitoring, information on emergency and low priority information provided In order to use a series of blocks.
DeepUAS Scheduled Flight System (DU): The system will be a flying cloud-based scheduler that allows you to create, change, delete, and send reconnaissance flights in Deep Aero UTM official mode.
Flight DeepUAS Authentication System (DU): This is based on a manual or automatically reduced AI flight authentication system to allow creation, modification, deletion of empty flight services and to provide information on access to air space will do.
DeepUAS Geo-fencing System (DU): An AI-based geographic information system is created in Deep Aero that provides accurate information about geospatial in unattended systems to each provisional or temporary limit of air space.
DeepUAS Notification System (DU): This cloud notification system provides notifications, warnings, alerts, such as weather forecasts, and raises awareness of unattended or pilot aviation systems.
DeepUAS Conflict Management System (DU): This is a conflict management system, based on AI giving advice on resolving conflicts when conflicts occur with UTM system, unmanned and manned aircraft and emergency situations It is related to.

Deep Aero has a fleet of vertical take off and landing aircraft (VTOL) that carries cargo with people working for Deep Aero UTM. Deep Aero creates its own drone that can send passengers and cargo. The first cargo drone begins in the middle of 2019 and the first airliner is scheduled for mid 2020. Deep Aero will be a decentralized market of products and services related to unmanned aerial vehicles.

Products and services available on the market include unattended taxis, dolotrobic delivery and so on. On the other hand, fleet owners can purchase parts and install platforms.

Thanks to this basic system, Deep Aero will change the way people interact with unmanned aerial vehicles.

Its head office is located in the Ajman free zone in Ajman, United Arab Emirates. Ajman is one of the 7 Emirates of the United Arab Emirates and is located near Dubai.

The company was founded in October 2017. The goal is to launch and test the platform up to July 2019, including the motion control system and unmanned air transport. Deep Aero promises to launch an airliner by January 2020.


This flight plan meets all regulatory requirements of rule-based air intelligence (AI) on the company's unmanned aerial vehicle operation.

Active or planned flights adapt to varying airspace conditions such as wind, sight, temperature, and achieve optimal performance.

Based on flight planning and direct telemetry, maximum situational awareness in real time reporting nearby traffic conditions

Examples of using drone
Aerial survey
Package delivery
Air transport
Photography and Film Production
Decide supply of pesticide
Forest Fire Fighting Assistance
Traffic monitoring
Underground disposal, electricity, utilities, maintenance, safety inspection
Maintenance and safe inspection of multi-story commercial building
Security and supervision
Pipe survey, security management and maintenance
Crowd management / management
Livestock management / diversity
Power line maintenance and safety inspection
Wind turbine maintenance and safety inspection
Wildlife protection
The token is sold for $ 0.05.

Pre-sale of DRONE token from March 30th to April 15th.

Main token sale is from May 1st to June 1st. After June 1st, even if the expiration date has not been confirmed, it will be sold before the end of sale (sales will continue until all tokens are sold)



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