BTCexit - Bloody week! DeepOnion arround .9$ - Day of the airdrop

BTCexit happened in China,

Value of bitcoin just made the market to bleed. Here are the last 3 days of DeepOnion on the market, price of DO in BTC stable for 4 days already.

12/9/2017 - A really low volume just 13k$ in a day of trading. At that moment just 3.44 BTC.

Open: 1.22 Close: 1.09 Volume: 13,645 CMC: 4,006,480

13/9/2017 - Volume almost doubled but BTC started to go down. DeepOnion's value is still arround 26k sats.

Open: 1.09 Close: 1.05 Volume: 20,054 CMC: 3,473,670

14/9/2017 - BTC down to 3300$, it takes the DeepOnion price down to .9$ on the usd market. Still DeepOnion price in btc is about 25-27k satoshi.

Open: 1.05 Close: 0.830595 Vlume: 27,970 CMC: 3,450,940

First time under one dollar since 22nd of August. In DeepOnion we have hope, let's see how it will be after the next airdrop!


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