Deep onion back on track! 1.23$ maximum of today. A week with deeponion restrospective

Yes folks,

In the last days I am talking only about deeponion.

In this post i want to speak what i learned in a week about DeepOnion.

I am fascinated at this moment by 3 coins.

1.STEEM, but my account was stolen and the way the staff is replying make me worry about the future.

  1. GOLOS, there no so many tries to adapt or solve the problems.

  2. DeepOnion. WoW, hybrid POS,POW, nice idea of distribution. A really nice teem on forum, check it out:

Bounties, giveaways,feedbacks future projects, even discord chat. Yeah, we are even on discord. Check it out:

I am the kind of owner so if you wanna join, let me know. We are offering a few giveaways there and I'm sure you're going to enjoy chatting with all those crypto people

We also have a few bots there, you can check in time and convert crypto's prices and so on.

Now again on topic about DeepOnion. In the morning I wrote about how the coin got over he first bad moment. It wasn't a bad moment just for ONION holders.

It was a bad moment for all the crypto holders. The market fallen with 30-40% in just one day. I saw onion today at 1.23$ as value. Thinking at the facts that 3 weeks ago the value of the coin was between 0.3-0.5 it is awesome what happened.

A really good volume for a new coin, just surplased another project I invested a lot of time and money, XRB. 10-25 btc minimum volume gives only good things for ONION.

My prediction, 1.4$ max by the end of tomorrow. We will live and we will see.

Onion rings.

Onions are sweet

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Iulian Butanu
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