DEEX the future of cryptocurrency exchanges

DEEX company is a silver partner of the exhibition - one of its sponsors. This is a very young project, the exchange opened in may this year and reached unprecedented heights in just six months. Now DEUS is approached by business owners from all over Russia.

Security and wealth
The uniqueness of the DAX cryptocurrency exchange is its decentralization, explained the Director of business development of the company. This approach to business provides greater security for customers.

Last year showed that centralized cryptocurrency exchanges have the biggest trouble in themselves-they are constantly robbed by their own founders, negligent techies, hackers. All participants contribute their money directly to the exchange, so if you hack the exchange, all the money can be stolen.

Decentralized exchange is fundamentally different in that all the money is in the wallets of its participants. If our exchange gets hacked, no one's gonna lose anything. Money can be lost only for a particular user from his wallet — but this means that he gave someone his username and password.

The creators of DEEX came up with this by watching the market of cryptocurrency centralized exchanges.

"The idea was born, we did a study, has collected 11 thousand Averianov and in may launched the alpha version. Now we have launched a beta version, made identification. Bidding we are constantly growing now turnover per month of approximately 900 thousand dollars"

Will come a new HYIP
The Director of DEEX said that the situation with cryptocurrencies can go on the same path of development as the dot-coms in the early years. Then a huge number of technological projects went bankrupt, but in the top got Google and Facebook.

"Look for new promising technologies. The crisis is brewing, and in what form it will be — is unknown. But it is obvious that the cryptocurrency was the first to feel the impact. There will come other times, there will come a new HYIP based on new, most promising technologies. Look for and earn, go for new technologies and HYIP!"

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