The DEEX cryptocurrency ecosystem reveals its advantages.

Good day, my dear subscribers, today we will again talk about the wonderful decentralized exchange, because today they come to the centralized system, because of the fact that people are tired when they are deceived and talk about the advantages of this exchange!

DEEX Exchange is a convenient and reliable cryptocurrency exchange that provides a high level of security for your funds. Trade on DEEX using the most popular digital assets and make a profit now. Decentralized Exchanges is a fairly new phenomenon in the cryptocurrency world, most fully revealing the ideology of decentralized blockchain where all participants have an equal rights and opportunity to take part in the management of the Exchange's activities and to perform any operations of cryptocurrencies exchanging among themselves, holding money in a personal wallet but not in a third party’s wallets (as it realized in centralized Exchanges). Built around the fast and reliable BitShares 2.0 (Graphene) blockchain platform, it will protect the users from the common shortcomings of centralized exchanges such as such as security threats, unfair competition, the danger of sanctions, political factors, and much more.

Features and advantages of the Deex exchange:

Deex exchange has the property to keep in complete anonymity and security all transactions of its customers. This is achieved through the DEEX.hide technology underlying the exchange, which completely excludes access to information about the movement of users' funds. At the end of May, the developers announced the creation of the alpha version of the DEEX exchange on the BitShares platform. It outlined the basic parameters and functionality included in the work of the cryptocurrency exchange. Having a good and active community in social networks, it was planned to explore all the nuances and shortcomings that can be caused by the exchange and the convenience of the interface in the trading process, in the functioning of gateways for the most popular assets in the crypto community. A gateway was also launched to enter the ERC-20 tokens. Thanks to this, investors who have invested their money in the project have been able to transfer tokens to their own account of the DEEX exchange, using a smart contract.

After analyzing all the reviews and based on the wishes of users to work with the exchange, in mid-October 2018, the developers announced the release of the first release of the beta version of the DEEX exchange, which already has the most comfortable interface for trading, updated the display of markets, and registered new users. But it is worth noting that after the release of the beta version of the exchange, the alpha version is still functioning. I think this is done for those users who are satisfied with everything in the alpha version in terms of convenience and functionality.

DEEX's own exchange platform on the Bitchares 2.0 (Graphene) blockchain has a huge number of advantages, such as high transaction speeds up to 100k per second, decentralization, creation of smart contracts for all spheres of economic activity, DPoS consensus protocol - delegated evidence of participation, referral program for attracting new users listing their tokens. Most recently, the developers launched their own store selling cryptocurrency products for the DEEX token. This will give a serious impetus to the rise in the price of the token, since interest in it will only grow.

Deex has a very strong team that develops projects, tokens are already listed on other exchanges, and list negotiations are underway with other exchanges, and in parallel people are preparing to launch the beta version of the exchange, when the beta version of the exchange comes out, Deex is not only cryptocurrency exchange, it will be an entire ecosystem that includes: a platform for securely conducting ICOs, a platform for creating a decentralized transparent blockchain from crypto funds, cryptocurrency debit cards, an API for integrating third party applications and services, creating actual cryptomattes networks.

Mobile app DEEX allows you to write secure messages, make video calls and perform the transfer of crypto currencies (including deex tokens). It is integrated with the DEEX platform and will allow you to connect nodes that support the ecosystem of crypto messenger. The messenger will include several subscription options that provide access to an extended set of features. User authentication can be carried out both by password and by fingerprint. We are pleased to announce the launch of a new Bounty program with a budget of 100,000 USD. Anyone who wants to participate in the development of the project can take part in this company. Bounty is a great opportunity not only to tell other crypto enthusiasts about DEEX, but also to become a part of the decentralized future together with DEEX.

The project has established itself from a very good side, the exchange works and pleases its users, the team constantly participates in some events, which cannot but please us.

21-23 of November in Moscow, will pass one of the largest conferences dedicated to the crypto industry. Within three days participants and visitors of Crypto Event Riw ( will discuss industry issues and share experience in the development, promotion and monetization of blockchain projects.

All applications of blockchain: from finance and AI to medicine and cinema. The largest blockchain companies, promising projects and leaders of the IT market will gather on one platform to present exclusive reports, talk about the financial performance of blockchain projects and give the latest crypto market analysis.

DEEX became the silver sponsor of Crypto Event Riw. During the conference representatives of the main decentralized ecosystem will make a presentation and introduce DEEX to the visitors. In the main exhibition area DEEX's booth will be stand, where everyone will be able to communicate with members of the development team and get valuable prizes. Come and bring your friends. It will be interesting and useful!

On November 23-24, the Blockchain Leadership Summit conference will be held in Basel, Switzerland. The main goal of the event’ organizers is to bring together leading developers, investors and blockchain technology experts to discuss the latest trends, processes and mechanics of interaction between industries and the digital world. In addition to well-known companies, the summit will be attended by market newcomers, and the total number of participants in the Blockchain Leadership Summit will exceed 2,500 attendees.

DEEX representatives will also participate in this summit, present the project of the main decentralized ecosystem on specialized panels and communicate with potential partners. Such events are a great way to tell about the project and find those with whom we can go forward - to a decentralized future. The results of the conference will be described in our traditional report. Now you can see the program of Blockchain Leadership Summit, available on the official website

The newest DEEX Exchange update is already published and ready for use.
In the updated version you will find:

redesigned dashboard;

replenishment/withdraw is now done through the wallet;

changed Activity tab;

option to view network commissions and a number of other cosmetic and functional changes.
In the near future a larger update will be released, in which the referral program options and other important features will be added. Stay in touch and follow our news.

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