DIGIAD CREST TOKEN- Creating a Daily Passive Income in Online Marketing and Advertisement through Blockchain Technology

 Project OverviewThe online marketing industry is one that is very lucrative and continues to grow in leaps and bounds. Reaching $204 billion in global spending last year is testament to the growth experienced by the digital advertising industry. This has taken a new turn as digital approaches have been now inclusive. it is a world of digital marketing campaign. Hence, aside using the social media, the eruption of the blockchain now has erupted the emergence of the cresttoken crypto currency platform for users. The platform establishes the very niche needed for online digital marketing and standardization in general.What is DigiAd Crest platform?The DigiAd Crest platform is an online marketing and digital advertising platform that generates daily revenue by highlighting Crest utility tokens to launch multiple ad campaigns. Crest has developed a solid and convenient platform for the DigiAd campaign, which runs on independent ad servers, complemented by automated learning algorithms.This platform is designed with the functionality of online marketing and artificial intelligence to allocate Crest utility tokens to run several marketing and advertising campaigns, thereby generating income for the members of the Crest community. 

 Symbol: CSTTPre-ICO: 24th May – 18th JuneMain ICO: 18th June – 18th JulyToken Price: $0.25/CSTT - $1.85/CSTTPre-Sale ICO Tokens: 1,000,000Main ICO Tokens: 6,400,000Total Supply: 12,500,000Min/Max Personal Cap: 20 / 1500 CSTTAccepts BTC an ETH

Token Distribution

Pre Sale ICO: 8%Bounty Reserve: 4%Staking Reserve: 36.8%Main ICO: 51.20%

The Team

This project has a collection of team members who have much experience and have generated commendable revenue in the online marketing industry over time. Our team has full understanding of the Objective and the Roadmap of the project and believes in the disruptive power of smart contracts, and will dedicate significant efforts to make them effective in the Marketing and Advertising Industry. 

October 2017: research / model development starts
December 2017: ICO development starts
May 2018: Pre-sale ICO starts
June 2018: Main ICO starts
July 2018: Staking platform opens
August 2018: Internal exchange opens, DigiAd campaign platform opens, First external exchange opens and platform marketing campaign
September 2018: More external exchange opens
October 2018: stage 2 plans begins• Daily communication through email and other active social platforms.
• Clarity and openness of ICO funds.
• Weekly token buyback and token burn.
• There is right for you to hold on to your Ethereum or Bit coin during and after ICO.
• Generous bounty program.
• A model that is not dependent on cryptocurrency volatility and others.ICO INFORMATIONSoftcap: 2,000,000 USD
Hardcap: 7,249,000 


Website: https://www.cresttoken.com/
WhitePaper: https://www.cresttoken.com/assets/CrestTokenWhitepaper.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/cresttoken
Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/thecresttoken
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CrestToken
Medium: https://medium.com/@cresttoken 




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