Today the market of crypto-currency is filled with new projects and ideas. Each of them is being introduced to simplify the lives of millions of people. Unfortunately, not all existing projects are as effective, understandable and user-friendly as possible. Naturally, when faced with an inefficient platform in practice, a potential consumer moves away from innovation, provoking an even greater mistrust. A similar situation concerns many platforms, including crypto-exchange exchanges. Given the current situation, the developers of Digital Ticks set a goal - to improve the process of exchange transactions. Thanks to a competent approach for users, the most comfortable working conditions will be created.

Features of Digital Ticks
Digital Ticks is a platform for mass trading. Using it, users will have the opportunity to profitably sell, acquire a crypto currency, as well as precious metals (silver, gold). Thoroughly thought out ecosystem Digital Ticks will allow to carry out transactions not only experienced, but also beginning traders. Functional platform will not only provide basic convenience. In addition, it will help to solve such problems:
-protect the platform against possible hacker attacks;
-the expense built-in technologies will be able to adjust the volatility of cryptocurrencies;
-will help to solve the problem of low processing speed (the operation will take a minimum of time).

These are not all aspects that developers paid attention to. Despite the safety, speed of operations, the project functions quite simply. The decentralized Digital Ticks platform will be built on the Ethereum block chain. Accordingly, the relationship between the participants will be as transparent and credible as possible. Decentralized structure will allow to minimize the amount of commissions charged. In addition, users will be able to conduct decentralized P2P transactions (through smart contracts).

Advantages of Digital Ticks
The Digital Ticks market will win the trust of users due to numerous features:
-the venue will be created all conditions for conducting frequency trading;
-the project will expand opportunities for traders allowing you to enter the goods for exchange;
-the platform will be equipped with special algorithms that will prevent break-ins;
-the use of Blockchain technology will make the platform transparent (corruption, fraud excluded).

In addition, anyone can participate in the Digital Ticks trade. Any bidder will be able to perform transactions with several cryptographic pairs. Profitability of participants can increase due to the availability of an affiliate program. Involving new traders will increase the turnover of capital, as well as increase the value of the token.

These are the basic advantages of the Digital Ticks platform. The development team constantly improves the characteristics of the product. Experts will continue to expand the technical set of tools offered. Already today, users can use the application based on Android, iOS for more efficient work. During the first months of operation, the platform will charge zero fees. In other words, transactions will be completely free. Thanks to this, users will be able to appreciate all the advantages of the Digital Ticks service. Creation of a demo-version of the site will be a useful step for its further development.

Token Name DTx
Token Platform Ethereum ERC – 20
Purchase Method BTC/ETH/Wire Transfer
Token Type Utility
Pre – Token Sale Period 25.03.2018 – 15.04.2018
Pre – Token Sale Price 1 DTx = 0.30 USD
Public Sale Period 15.04.2018 – 15.06.2018
Public Sale Token Price 1 DTx = 0.375 – 0.700 USD
Soft Cap USD 5.7 Million
Hard Cap USD 30 Million
Unsold Tokens It will be burned after Token sale

Public sale of DTX tokens will be conducted from April 15 to June 15, 2018. During this period, the selling rate will be as follows: 1 DTX = 0,375 USD - 0,700 USD. Hard Cap for this project - 30 million US dollars, Soft Cap - 5.7 million US dollars. After the completion of the ICO, all unrealized tokens will be destroyed.

10% of all tokens will remain in reserve for development and this is good news, saying that the team has big plans for the development of the project.


The development team consists of specialists who have an excellent reputation in the IT-, Blockchain-technologies market.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the popularity of crypto currency is growing rapidly. Accordingly, the popularity of a convenient, this reliable exchange will eventually grow. For more information, see the official website. Digital Ticks is a high-yield, promising project. The platform is attractive for all users who wish to conduct trading activities.

All the important information can be found here:
Official website:

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