And you know what it is DIRO?

DIRO is the decentralized identification and access to an application that is supported by your crowdsourcing contact list {on the network, on the Internet, on the application, on the IoT, on the contract, on smart VR, AR and other domains using resources). Automated, organized and always updated contacts with one click of access to the service. Make your contacts alive - whether it's IVR, waiting time, last appointment or just miles or preferences with universal access without access from your contacts.
Directory of resource catalogs
Reduce over 90% of contact management efforts
Diro-use the power of a mob of intelligence to automatically mark a person on the phone book for everyone.
Efforts continue to decline by 50%, 66%, 75% and more when people join the phone book.
Proof of the life cycle to ensure digital identity
With a lively conversation with friends and family.
Create your Sybil personality by putting the entire livehuman group in check and devices when you talk with your family and friends.
Never lose your secret key and recover lost keys confidently using fractional keys that are stored in your phone
Decentralized IAM (quiet) (market 32 ​​billion US dollars in 2022). At

this time the IAM very fragmented identification exists in silos and various service providers. The need for cybersecurity and access control grows with the speed of compounding. In addition, billions of IoTs can not manage the device by a centralized identity provider, this provider will be catastrophic because of the transgression. Automatic crowd, where: contact management

Automatic contact management
Automatic receipt of missing contacts
Automatic contact update
Digital Identity for Blockchain
Your mobile phone number in the format of reading:
Full control over your privacy
Privacy Control Key (DPKI)
Decentralized search (uPort)
Integration of KYC and AML
Identity verification (proof of life)
Binding of silos
Directory services

. General experience with contact directory with access control using LDAP. Integration of several identification silos in 1000 platforms with a simple Contact application.

IAM password-less

Eliminates the need for hardware tokens or keys with open standards, such as SAML SSO, OAuth 2.0 OpenID Connect Federation, etc. With applications in multiple domains.

Universal identifier

Soverign identity with seamless global infrastructure and digital signatures Pgp uses the key ingenuity of SPKI and personalized service (DPKI).

Elimination of synthetic identities.

The world's largest passive social graph with SPKI. This also makes the identity of Sybil-rwith reliable evidence. Use of the patented cryptographic KYC to eliminate fraud with identification data.

Automatic privacy

Open and use profile maps to automate privacy throughout the eco-identity system. Prevent external correlation using the contact ID. Open context data from a contact with cryptography and IAM without friction.

Strong network effect

Create value through a crowd of large-scale developments and a heap of the virus. With the personality of the top uses, it has become the standard network of a dealer network that displays the entire personality, with only 1% of users.

Bounty campaign from the Diro Official Bounty Campaign will start from April 5 until the end of sales of Diro Token, July 31, 2018!

For the Bounty campaign from Bitcointalk, Diro ordered 1% of the total number of the token (up to 10 million DIROs). DIRO tokens will be distributed among participants of promotional gifts based on the shares received for each component of the gift, which are provided to each distribution, as shown below.

Bounty Components
The telegram campaign is 15%
Facebook Campaign - 20%
Twitter Campaign - 20%
Reddit campaign - 10%
Article / Media campaign - 15%
Translation campaign - 10%
Campaign Signatures - 10%

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