And you already know everything about the new project-DIRO?!!

Good afternoon! Today we will talk about the project DIRO! The digital world today lack some credible identity system that is universally consumable and can be trusted by counter parties across industries. Also, all crowd sourcing based solutions lack credibility and verification hat is needed to address regulatory requirements. Getting all the industries, governments and consumers across hundreds of jurisdictions to agree on a framework has been a challenge. The problem has been part technical and part political. Although, a great deal has already been written on challenges in creating universal identity

Owning identity itself is hard for individuals
Verifying real identities requires mass consensus and adoption
Centralized systems are unreliable in long term due security and political risks
Identities need to constantly remain validated and updated
Limitations of mass adoption by different stakeholders

Diro uses the power of the crowd’s intelligence to automatically tag people to the phone book for everyone.
These efforts continue to crash up to 50%, 66%, 75% and so on when people join the phone book.
Diro is a super productivity tool for implementing any Team size phone book for all members to view & manage. And you can also create a Contact List of clients or vendors and share with certain people.
Automated, organized and always up to date contacts with one click access to the service.
Make your contacts go live — be it the choice of IVR, wait times, last appointment or just miles or preferences with universalfrictionless access from within your contacts.
Crowd-resources directory contact
Reduced more than 90% of effort in managing contacts
Diro-using the power of crowd intelligence to automatically tag the person to phone book for everyone.
Efforts continue to reduce by 50%, 66%, 75% and beyond as people join the phone book.

Proof-of-life to secure digital identity

With a Live conversation with friends and family.
Create Your identity of Sybil stand the whole group livehuman in verification and devices when you talk with your family and friends.
Never lose your private key and recover lost keys with confidence using fractional keys that are stored in the phone

Proof-of-Life to secure digital Identities

With Live conversations with friends and family.​
Make your Identity Sybil resistant with livehuman verification across groups and devices when you speak to your family and friends.
Never loose your private key and recover lost keys with confidence using shards of the key stored on other phones

Decentralized IAM (dIAM) Market ($32bn Market by 2022)

Currently, IAM is highly fragmented & identities exist in silos of various service providers. The need for cyber security and access controls is growing at a compounding rate. Further, billions of IoT devices can not be controlled by a centralized identity provider, since a breach of this provider would prove catastrophic.

Directory Operating System

Crowd-automated contact management where:
Auto-organize contacts
Get missing contacts automatically
Auto updated contacts

Converged directory services

Experience shared contact directories with integrated access management using LDAP. Integrates multiple silos of identities across 1000s of platforms with simple contact app.

Password-less IAM

Eliminate need for hardware tokens or keys with open standards like Federated SSO with SAML, OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect etc. With applications across multiple domains.

Universal Identities

Self Soverign Identities with seamless Global Pgp and digital signing infrastructure using SPKI and Self-service key retrieval (DPKI)

Eliminate synthetic identities
With the worlds largest passive social graph with SPKI. Further make identities Sybil resistant with Proof-of-life. Use patent pending cryptographic KYC for eliminating Identity fraud.

Automated privacy

Discover and use profile cards to automate privacy across the identity eco-system. Prevent external correlation using contact IDs. Unlock private contextual data from within contacts with cryptography and IAM frictionlessly.

Strong network effect

Creates large scale value through crowd mining and viral stacking. With top Identity use cases and being default dialer app diro maps the entire identity network with just 1% users.

I hope you enjoyed my review and the project aroused interest.
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