Diro uses the power of the crowd's intelligence to automatically tag people to the phone book for everyone.

Efforts continue to decrease by 50%, 66%, 75% and so on when people join the phonebook.

The digital world today does not have a credible identity system that can be universally consumed and can be trusted by counter parties throughout the industry. Furthermore, all solution-based people lack the credibility and verification required to address the rules and the Terms.

Get, all industries, governments and consumers in hundreds the jurisdiction to approve the framework is a challenge. Much has been written on the challenge of creating a universal identity (Vinay Gupta, 2017). The problem is already the technical part and the political part.

Having the identity itself is difficult for the individual
Verifying real identity requires consensus and mass adoption
Centralized systems are not reliable in long-term security and political risks
Identity must always be validated and updated
Limited adoption of mass by different stakeholders
Because we are rapidly adopting digital technology with smartphone penetration scheduled to reach 4 billion by 2022 and new technologies such as IOT, blockchain, AR / VR, and digital. Money is gearing up for mainstream adoption, the need for cybersecurity has never been greater.

What is Diro ?

Diro is a decentralized Application Identity and Access supported by the crowdsourcing contact directory {for Network, Web, Application, IoT, Intelligent Contract, AR / VR, and all other domains using people resources.}

Automatic, Organized and always up-to-date contacts with one-click access to services.

Make your contact come alive - be it the IVR option, waiting time, appointment order or just miles or your preference with unlimited universal access from within your contacts.
Understanding the technical challenges

Owning Identity is hard

Having an identity today is a technological challenge for an individual like that
need.The average consumer has no technological inclination. In addition to having technology and cryptographic challenges, having an identity without security and proper restoration is harmful. Loss of control or permanent hacking can lead to severe consequences.

Identity identification requires mass consensus

Digital identity has two broad concerns.

Synthetic Identity - where real people do not exist and their identity
built digitally.

Identity theft - where the attacker masquerades as someone else. Digital identity is hijacked. This person may or may not be known by the actual owner.

In this case, you need a consensus or a mass organization to validate if the real person exists. Both can not be solved with biometrics. It's often misunderstood as means protecting against identity theft. Unlike passwords, once biometrics are compromised, they are permanent.4 The problem with biometrics on the internet is if you
transmits biometric id or hash to third parties then the possibility of permanent compromise remains very high.

Crowd-sourcing to Contact power directory

Reduce over 90% of effort in managing contacts
Diro uses the power of the crowd's intelligence to automatically tag people to the phone book for everyone.
Efforts continue to decrease by 50%, 66%, 75% and so on when people join the phonebook.

Proof-of-Life for securing Digital Identity

With live conversations with friends and family.
Create Your Identity Sybil stand by verifying living things across groups and devices as you talk to your family and friends.
Do not release your private key and restore lost keys with confidence using fractions from keys stored on other phones

Decentralized IAM (dIAM) markets ($ 32bn Market by 2022)

Currently, IAM is highly fragmented & identity is in the silos of various service providers. The need for cyber security and access control develops at the compounding level.
Directory Operating System

Crowd-automated contact management where:
Manage contacts automatically
Get lost contacts automatically
Contacts are updated automatically
Digital Identity for Blockchain

Phone number as human readable format with:
Full Privacy Control
Privacy Key Control (DPKI)
Decentralized Decision (uPort)
Integration of KYC and AML
Human Verified Identity (Evidence of Life)

How Diro is different?

Diro uses both connected and unconnected directories (dLDAP) through intelligent crowd sourcing algorithms using existing mobile phone network to create the world’s truly complete contacts & IAM platform.

Diro’s contact management solution automatically organizes, updates & discovers contacts using intelligent crowdsourcing.

Diro’s crowd mining naturally creates trustless identities with total privacy control using multiple directories from your personal & work life.

Diro’s Shared Contact Directories will act as LDAP to provide security & access management system for enterprises & SMEs. It decentralizes security using blockchain by combining directories with SPKI, DPKI & unique mobile numbers to generate federated consumer identities that are fully owned & controlled by themselves. Users will not have to save/remember multiple passwords and the mobile phone will become a hardware token.


Contacts are organized & updated perfectly
Intelligent Crowdsourcing makes an effort to jam more than 90%
Your contacts are automatically set to the mini phonebook
Diro uses the power of the crowd's intelligence to automatically tag people to the phone book for everyone.
These efforts continue to crash up to 50%, 66%, 75% and so on when people join the phone book.

Token Allocation


Directory Contacts provides a quick way to validate digital identity by using SPKI to create a Social KYC. It also offers the possibility of strong identity authentication through direct interaction with human confirmation of voice and video calls. Voice and video conversations provide a continuous stream of strong authentication to digital identity.

This platform scales trust with blockchain because identity and security to build trust is an important blockchain building block. Directory contacts or social charts are a central part of decentralized identity and access management.

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