DIW-token platform

DIWtoken a decentralized platform based on the blockchain, created for the safe storage of personal data. DIW will also develop and provide its own hardware wallet, which will provide maximum “decentralized security” for users.

The company will also issue a DIW token. Its owners (individuals, as well as businesses) will use the token to make transactions with other DIW cardholders. The DIW token will also perform the “charge collection” function. With its help, DIW holders will be able to initiate transactions with predefined conditions, without or with intermediaries controlling the transaction.

Thus, the decentralized community of DIW will provide its users with the following advantages: full security of the account holder through the use of a hardware wallet; Effective, fast and economical transactional processes; Complete freedom to make transactions by any form of currency, digital or fixed, Single access to the account; access to support provided by a large global community; A secure peer-to-peer protocol for the distribution of sensitive data.

All this will be available after creating an account on the DIW platform.

A decentralized DIW network based on blockchain technology will ensure consistency, transparency, security, speed and anonymity all aspects that are important to any account holder who wants to store and share confidential information, including crypto-currency purses, EHR and financial information, their coverage, protect their interests and take safe, uninterrupted daily transactions. Today, stealing personal data and using it for fraudulent purposes is a real scourge of our time. They steal data not only from individuals (for example, information about cards, passport), but also confidential information of large companies. None of the past year has been without any major scandal with the theft of information from the servers of giant companies and even the governments of some countries. Therefore, the emergence of a platform that could guarantee 100% data security, as never before. It is this goal set by the DIWtoken developers this is to create a reliable storage.
And also solve such problems as: Data leakage; Limited use of crypto currency in normal life; Fraud on the Internet.
Creators guarantee us the following advantages of the DIWtoken platform:

  1. Complete security for the account holder thanks to the hardware wallet;
  2. Effective, fast and economical operations;
  3. Complete freedom to conduct transactions with any currency: digital and fiat;
  4. Uniform access to the endless portal;
  5. Support from the major international community;
  6. A secure peer-to-peer protocol for the transmission of sensitive data, including personal medical data. All this will be available for those who will create and maintain an account in DIW.
    Spheres of application.

Reliable electronic storage.
DIW provides secure storage of confidential documents, passwords, information on bank accounts, identity, wills and other digital data. Allows you to safely share or completely share data.
Payment gateway for phiatic or crypto-currency.
Provides the opportunity for site owners to accept payments in any currency on the basis of a decentralized DIW platform with a single authorization.
Global catalog.
It is planned to present a global catalog with account holders who will be able to present their products or services there. Raise the trust will be the created rating.
Paid escrow.
An escrow service based on smart contracts that will protect transactions between the parties.
Electronic medical archive.
Providing encrypted storage and secure transfer of personal medical data between account holders and certified laboratories, pharmacists, doctors using smart contracts.
Token DIW and ISO.

Preliminary it will be extracted 1 billion tokens, of which 70% will be available during the period of public sales (700 million). All not sold tokens will be burned.
DIW tokens will support the platform ecosystem, their value will increase as they will be used in transactions.

The purpose of sales is to raise 58 million.
The minimum amount of investment, as indicated in the sources, 2000 dollars.
The maximum amount of the deposit is not. Citizens of the United States, Singapore and China are excluded from participating in the distribution of tokens.
Tokens can be sold and bought on popular crypto-exchanges, and they will be used for services in the DIW network. Now on the official site you can sign up for the White List, after registering. To receive all the latest information about sales, we recommend that you subscribe to all the official pages offered on the company’s website. Summing up, we can say that this is quite an interesting and promising project for the.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/diwtoken/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/diwtoken

Telegram: https://t.me/diwtoken

Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2567416

profil: https://golos.io/@sanchelo00/settings


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