Good evening, dear friends. Today I will talk about a unique project.Dominium is developed by industry experts as a tool to improve services to its existing and future customers, identifying weaknesses in its own market. Using third-generation blockchain technology to upgrade one of the most established but obsolete industries in the world, Dominium is an international platform that standardizes regulatory documentation for property financing, and assets are placed via blockchain along with all sales, rental and property management.

The Dominium platform is built on a child of Ardor, which in turn came from the time-tested blockchain Nxt. Subsidiary chain Dominium decentralisatie trade assets and places the contracts on rental housing, the agreement on sale and purchase, property management and more on the blockchain. Dominium has the necessary regulatory licenses to create standardized legal templates for property financing. This allows companies to create regulatory assets that can be acquired by Dominium account holders. Since assets are created on the blockchain, they will certainly be 100% transparent and liquid. Moreover, Dominium is backed by a portfolio of property assets that generate revenue and provide future development and maintenance of the platform.

General information about ICO

Token: DOM
Platform: Ethereum
Standard: ERC20
Quantity: 1,000,000,000 DOM
Price: 1 DOM = 0,25 EUR

Soft cap: 500,000 EUR
Hard cap: 92,500,000 EUR

Quantity: 100,000,000 DOM
Beginning: 01.07.2018
Completion: 02.09.2018


Quantity: 500,000,000 DOM
Starts: Time Loan-To 03.09.2018

About team:

Sven-Thomas Munte
The head of Sven-Thomas Munt, a German citizen, received a master's degree in biology from Georgetown University before continuing his research at the Department of invertebrates at the National zoo (Washington, D.C.). Since 1991, he is the owner and managing Director of the property management company Munte Immobilien, which is managed by approximately 3,000 rental apartments and almost 70 communities of homeowners.

Mark Lloyd
Managing Director mark Lloyd, together with his long-term business partner Jackie Reeves white, has grown 6 successful businesses, 2 of which have been sold in the open market. He owns a successful company, Property Sourcing, which is looking for undervalued real estate transactions throughout the United Kingdom. Property Mastery Academy is a private training company that trains property investors across the UK.

Marco Reimann
CFO Marco Reiman received economic education at the University Carl von Osickova in Oldenburg in 1996. He successfully completed his training in IREBS real estate in 2008 and training as a tax consultant in 2014. After working for Arthur Andersen in audit (1996 - 2002), he joined Ernst & Young. In 2005, he became managing Director, and since 2010 - the owner and managing Director of Acarius Tax Advisory.

Esther Dekker
Property Director Esther has been working in the real estate world for more than 10 years and boasts a wealth of experience in the Dutch property market. She has a high qualification, sufficient to provide professional advice on many real estate issues, has completed a postgraduate course in social Sciences (real estate specialization) , is a member of the VBO (Real Estate Professionals Organization), and also has a license of a rental agent.

Jan Angel
Representative In The Netherlands

Hwami Kim
Representative In Japan

Yaroslav Bilaniuk
Representative In Russia And Ukraine

Agueda Gambon Cuerda
Representative In Spain

Cheoleung Kim
Representative In Korea

Kingdom Linus
Representative In Nigeria

Yacine Ten Hoor
Representative In France

Dat Nguyen
Representative In Vietnam

Abdullah Karaca
Representative In Turkey

M. Amir Syarifuddin
Representative In Indonesia

Ashu Kumar
Representative In India


Jacco Van Herwaarden
Advisor Jacques van Harvard is the founder of the administrators of the Fund confido in Breda, the Netherlands. He studied Economics at Erasmus University in Rotterdam and worked as an external reporting teacher and as an assistant financial controller. He loves working with complex regulatory structures and is a dominium compliance Advisor to ico requirements.

Maarten Dirks
Blockchain consultant Maarten Dirks teaches blockchain technology at the Rotterdam school of management at Erasmus University. He holds a master's degree in engineering from the technical University of Eindhoven and is the managing Director of innovation management at effics. He instructs graduate students in business information management, specializing in blockchain technology.

Paula ruffell
Paula is a lawyer specializing in the resolution of corporate tax disputes. For almost 9 years before moving to the private sector, she worked in the legal office

Gudo thijssen
Marketing Consultant Gyudo has long enjoyed a career in the international real estate market, both in marketing and sales, before becoming the managing Director of the European real estate management company (mls). Over the past 5 years, he has created an email Department for adpublisher, dealing with all major brands in the telecommunications, automotive, banking, investment and housing industry.

Joost De Kruiff
Joost Blockchain consultant develops smart contracts for various blocks and explores the functionality of the block and the next generation. As part of his PhD track at the University of Tilburg, he publishes articles on the logical framework of the blockade as part of his goal to develop cross-platform standards for blockchain and make the blockchain more accessible to the General public.

Jurian Van
Groenendaal Netherlands Legal Advisor Yurian specializiruetsya on the legal issues related to media, journalism and privacy. He also advises clients on technology, fashion, entertainment and music privacy, Agency and distribution contracts, e-Commerce and General contract. Yurian is an independent lawyer and advises Dominium on the legal aspects of their platform and ITO.

Nine Bennink
Legal Consultant Nine received her bachelor's degree in 2011 and her masters in 2013 from Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. She worked on blockchain-related projects and recently moved to Van Kaam IP & Media law firm in Amsterdam. Nine is an independent lawyer and advises Dominium BV on various legal aspects regarding their platform and ITO.

Andres Campo
Advisor Andres Campo is an international marketing specialist with experience in block projects and business development. He is the founder of the Rotterdam Blockchain community and an active speaker on how the blocking company is disrupting the business. He is also the founder of Nobase Media, a marketing consulting firm for beginners and ICO.

Road map :

Q1 2016
Blockchain technology reaches the maturity required to launch a regulated platform for property financing.
Q1 2016
The financial holding company is registered in the Netherlands as the first property Fund of Max Property Group.
Q1 2016
The money of the founders is used to approve the financial model by buying, repairing and renting apartments in Rotterdam.
Q2 2016
Max Property Group website is developed and translated into three languages (English, Dutch and German).
Q3 2016
Regulation of regulatory documents for Max Property Group in Germany and the UK is completed.
Q4 2016
Max Property Group in the Netherlands begins its work and becomes fully agreed upon within the prescribed period.
Q2 2017
Regulation of regulatory documents for Max Property Group in Germany and the UK is completed.
Q4 2017
Max Property Group launched in Germany and the UK (currently funded).
Q4 2017
The Dominium team was assembled, the technology was selected and a contract was signed with the development team.
Q1 2018
The development of the platform was started, the website design and referral program were developed.
Q1 2018
Private funding is not available to pay for the initial development of the platform.
Q1 2018
The original name of the financial holding company changed to Dominium B. V.
Q2 2018
The English version of the platform has been completed and the Pre-ICO and ICO period has begun.
Two thousand eighteen
Real estate was purchased in the Netherlands, Germany and the UK, all MPG resources were transferred to the platform, the beta test of all functionality was completed.
Two thousand nineteen
Standardization of normative documents is completed, necessary licenses are obtained and the platform is open for authors and owners of third-party assets.

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