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The condominium is registered in the Netherlands as a company in 2016. This platform is a decentralized property management that is regulated, property financing and a recording platform that utilizes Blockchain technology to disrupt the multitrillion dollar property market.

The Dominium Platform was created with the aim of improving the services provided by the global real estate industry by leveraging innovation in Blockchain technology to find solutions that will make it very easy for real estate clients when looking for services in the real estate industry.


Global real estate market capitalization is recorded at more than 217 trillion dollars and by looking deep into the real estate industry, we will see that this is an industry that is very slow to adopt new innovations and technologies. This has made this giant industry not a profitable and intuitive market for users of this century. Since the advent of the Internet, there have been many technologies that can reduce centralization and financial constraints that slow down the actual growth of the country's market.

How is Advance Is The Project?

The condo was established by a team of real estate professionals whose involvement and experience in the real estate industry dates back to 1833 in accordance with the information obtained on the project's website. They are also experienced in blockchain technology, and manage millions of dollars of investor funds every year. The idea of using Blockchain technology to disrupt the real estate market was made in 2012 and since then the team has worked diligently and built partnerships that will help realize the idea.

The company's board of directors are Sven Thomas Munte, Mark Lloyd, Marco Reimann and Esther Dekker. Mr. Munte is chairman of the company and he has been managing property since the 90s. Mr. Loyd, who has six established businesses, is the managing director of the condo. Reimann, who is the finance director is a tax advisor since 2014 with experience working in auditions since 1996. Last but not the least, Mr. Dekker who serves as property director has more than 10 years working in the real estate industry.

This company is blessed with many experienced advisors in the real estate and blockchain industries. Among them is Jacco van Herwaarden who serves as a compliance advisor, Maarten Dirks (blockchain adviser), Paula Ruffel (legal advisor) and Gudo Thijssen (marketing advisor). The main condominium partners are Confidon, Acarius, John Savva, and Adpublisher.

How does the Platform work?

The condo utilizes the Blockchain Ardor. By using the Ardor Blockchain, this platform can be used to trade real estate assets and decentralized rental agreements, and other real estate modus operandi such as property management and purchase agreement management.

Dominiums are legal compliance companies that are ready to work in accordance with the laws in any country the company will operate. Assets on Ardor Blockchain will be fully transparent and will be easily traded with the aim of increasing asset liquidity which is very difficult on conventional real estate platforms.

One of Dominium's main goals is to be a platform that will be user friendly for users who want to operate in a multilingual ecosystem with a variety of major currencies and many options that are fully decentralized for real estate investment.

Details of Dom & POP Domino DOM

The DOM Token will ignite the Dominium platform. This will be used for many activities on the platform, it will be a payment unit on the platform. This will be used for activities such as making and trading assests, listing properties for sale and rent, renting and buying rental agreements etc.

What tokens are used and how can you value tokens?

Condominiums have found two more effective ways that will help in increasing the value of tokens other than using them for transactions on the platform. The first is the annual fuel tokens that will be audited and announced to the public, the second way is their repurchase program that ensures the value of tokens is maintained despite the fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market. The income generated by the platform will be used to buy tokens back regularly which ensures stable demand for tokens.


The project has chosen the actual sphere for today - real estate. Considering that the team members have been engaged in it for a long time, the project has very good chances to become a global platform for the sale of property.


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