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 Hello guys, I am here to tell ico projects or can be summoned with a very rampant crypto in the world. DOMRAIDER is a French fast-growing startup, is determined to use block-chain technology to develop open source solutions dedicated to real-time auction management. 

 In the recent cryptocurrency craze that has persisted for the past 5 months, blockchain ICO's, crowdfunds, and token sales have run rampant as the rush to turn ideas into businesses has exploded.
Recent (now outdated) numbers calculated that approximately 1.2 billion dollars were used to fund these blockchain concepts whereas current values are most likely nearing $2 billion.
Crowdfunding through the blockchain works, exceptionally well as this evidence suggests. It's most likely the easiest way for a development team to receive to funding the world has to offer. 

 With the opportunity presenting itself within the Cryptocurrency realm, the company has decided to implement new concepts to the already successful business and move onto the blockchain markets.
DomRaider is taking the basics of there Domain Auctioning Platform and greatly expanding it to cover nearly all forms of online and offline auctioning services.

 After an amazing 12-year adventure as head of Prizee (one of France's first successful startup) Tristan Colombet created DomRaider in the summer of 2013.DomRaider is a service to recover expired or "drop catching" domain names. Thanks to the right indicators and technologies that detect the availability of domain names, they become an opportunity, the company identifies the domain names whose potential is beneficial to their clients. Expired domain names can be used in the context of reference strategies (SEO), speculation about rare domain names or intellectual property management. With more than 20,000 transactions since its launch, DomRaider is currently a European leader and currently offers 27 extensions including .com which opens the door to world markets.

Until now, DomRaider has raised 3.5 million euros since October 2016, with an initial 2 million euro spin on Eefficiency investment fund, followed by a second round of 1.5 million euros in May 2017 from Crédit Agricole, CIC, Banque Populaire and BPI France.The strong growth made by DomRaider allows the company to employ more than 33 employees spread across three countries (France, Sweden and Italy) where Canada and the UK will be added in October this year. 

 Introduction to DOMRAIDER

The domain name industry is currently filled with treasures, the domains that are most often dropped are less valuable but according to DOMRAIDER, 1% is, (100,000 daily) is a valuable one-word domain.

DOMRAIDER broke their drop catching process into 3 simple steps:

  • Qualification: Domains are analyzed for potential potential domain values ​​and their performance in SEO and other metrics before proceeding.
  •  Pre-order / DOMRAIDER Indexation: Eligible domains continue to index where they can be traced on the DOMRAIDER dashboard, allowing DOMRAIDER users to search and review potential domains , allowing users to reorder domains if they meet their wishes.
  •  Arrest: DOMRAIDER automatically follows the domain that is waiting for the drop period, which allows the domain to be purchased, if successful domain name will be transferred to the pre-order user, if more than 1 preorders with the same domain name, the domain will go on sale for a period of 7 days 

 Block-Based Solutions DecentralizedDOMRAIDER aims to create a decentralized blockchain that will solve problems that come from a centralized competitor, having key features such as:

  • Scalable, reliable and transparent: Every transaction can be verified and can not be faked.
  • Interoperability allows buyers to participate in any type of auction and pay in different - different
  • Nearly zero transaction costs through the power of distributed blockchain.
  • Bids must be verified on blockchain quickly, DOMRAIDER says that its blockchain can verify bids in less than a second!

Open Source ProfitsBy leveraging open source blockchain technology, enabling ecosystems to form around DOMRAIDER where users and community members can help shape services and provide useful new functions.Token Use CaseFolded from a whitepaper, this short paragraph explains how the token can be used as part of the ecosystem:Productive TokenBy selling assets or products at auction,

  • By earning sales commissions
  • By selling services related to blockchain
  • By participating in DomRaider "Domain
    Spotters" program

Spending Token

  • By arranging the auction
  • By placing a deposit on the certificate auction
  • By winning at auction

Today's ICO review will be based on Soma, and answer the whole question, does Soma deserve a place in our portfolio? 



 This is the specifications about DOM Raider Token.
• Total number of tokens created: 1,000,000,000
• Initial distribution:
• 35% sold during ICO
• 15% distributed to stakeholders (team, advisors, community)
• 50% held in reserve
• Sale price: 0,10 € / DRT
• Value of the sale: capped at 35m € (excluding any potential goal)
• Pre-sale from 16/08/2017 to 11/09/2017
• Sale from 12/09/2017 to 11/10/2017
• Guaranteed sale: Unsold tokens will be purchased by DomRaider’s two principal shareholders, Inovaa and Efficiency.
• Type of token: ERC20 


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Facebook: https: // www.
Slack: https: // join / t / domraiderico / shared_invite / MjM1MDg0MTY2MDE4LTE1MDQyNzQ4MDYtNTU0NDg5YzgyNQ

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