Dragon Coins — investment in gambling

Dragon Coins — investment in gambling

Hi everyone, hopefully a review of this ragon project can help your decision to join and invest in it and I am very excited about this project. Because Dragon Coins is one of the hottest and newest ICO projects on the market. I think this project will rise to the top and stay there on the moon. Why am I saying that? See for yourself:

Dragon Coin is a digital currency that wants to transform the gambling industry from Macau and other countries. Gaming is a legitimate industry that has at times attracted some questionable characters — as we all know. It is a huge global business that earns more than $ 400 billion in profits last year. It is expected that this number will grow.In the casino world, especially in Asia, it is typical for high rollers or groups of players to depend on junkets to organize their gaming excursions. A high roller may want to access the VIP games with a minimum bet in1 million dollars or more. Junkets will deliver these high rollers and raise money, as well as arrange accommodation and other benefits. In a place like Macau, which is the only sanctioned gaming region in China, the vast majority of the incoming money comes from these Junkets, and there are many licensed operators working with casinos to smooth out the process of getting big money to play with their money.

If you have dozens or maybe hundreds of high rollers falling into elite games at any given time, that’s a lot of money to shuffle. If you are flying to Macau to gamble, you need to bring your money. Say you’re lucky and win big. How will you get home? That’s where the Junkets come in put money to these high rollers. Money is really never moved anywhere , but the fee for it can be high at around 4.9% of the total amount representing a significant cost — even for the very rich.

The Role Of The Blockchain
The emergence of a distributed workbook (DLT) or Blockchain technology, as it is commonly called, is the ideal solution for the current costly Junket process. Dragon wants to ease what’s going on today, but everything is on Blockchain and much cheaper. Dragon wants to pay only 1% (or 5% and 0.5%). Because the General register is used, the current average person is deleted. The only thing that moves is the possession of money in the form of a digital Dragon coin.

Enter the Dragon coins
Dragon Inc. the company fintech, which supports the sector of slot machines casino with the technology of the blockchain, Friday, 8 December 2017, has released a preliminary application ICO (preliminary coin offer), subscription round of financing, which allows the public to buy cryptanalyst of the company. PRE ICO was completed on 15 December 2017.Due to the extreme congestion in the networks Bitcoin and Ethereum investors or depositors ICO has faced serious challenges in providing its bitcoin and Ethereum to participate in Dragon-Dragon ICO. Dragon Inc. considered the issue of postponing the start of operations to ICO, but instead decided to extend the preliminary ICO for another 2 weeks until December 31, 2017, in order to provide fair and equal opportunities for all potential investors.

Despite these problems caused by network congestion, more than $ 1,000,000 was raised during the first weekend, which confirmed the market’s interest in Dragon once again.Dragon Coin, or DRG, is a marker of the ERC20 / Ethereum Utility used to participate in the Blockchain dragon ecosystem. The DRG current will initially be purchased through the sale of our tokens and then on the crypto market, by investors and casino players to participate in the Casino using Dragon’s Blockchain facility managed by Dragon drug addicts.Icons DRG exchanged with DGC (Dragon Global Chips), crypto chip games, in casinos that allow players and casinos to use transparency and additional security for the Blockchain.Dragon Coin will act as an unlimited, inexpensive and transparent alternative financial mechanism inside the casino to improve the ancient gaming industry. With expertise in blockchain technology, Dragon’s goal is to revolutionize the old gaming industry as well as using its roots in the industry, as well as all members of the community who have joined the journey to achieve Dragon Coin’s goal.

The details of the token:

Character token: DRG

DRGTotal token: 500,000,000

The token type: ERC20

The current time sale:

November 2017-Pre — sale
December 2017-Pre-ICO
January 2018-Listing on the stock exchanges and launch of the first lot at Junkets and casino
February 2018 — Public Krepulec
Q1 2018 — Launch of Dragon in Macau
The percentage owned by the founder: 10%Interest Advisor: 1%Interest attributable to the Treasury: 7%The percentage of the reserves: 10%Percentage of sales through the sales token: 72%As the Junket Operators bring a wealth of
Most of this growing revenue comes from Junkets. In Macau casinos have traditionally been working with junket operators to attract VIP-players. Many of these rich VIP players have come from abroad and they have arrived in Macau for games as they are attracted by the luxurious rides and promotions offered by junket operators. These rich gamers make up most of the revenue for Macau casinos.

Dragon platform
Dragon Inc intends to create a platform (known as the Dragon Platform) along with DRG DRG ERC20 Dragon Coin, which is interchangeable with fiat and other major cryptovariable. This will facilitate the transfer of funds for games VIP players. Dragon Inc has also recognized that the value of DRG can vary with the inherent volatility of cryptotermes. Therefore, Dragon Inc will also create the Dragon global Chips DGC utility token family. The first DGC in the family, DGC-HK with a value of 1 DGC-HK = HK $ 1.00 each. The DGC is bound to a specific fiat currency in order to facilitate the physical exchange for gaming chips at Dragon Junket or playgrounds related to Dragon.Due to the redundancy of DRG to DRC and back in the DRG, as well as the ease of exchange for fiat DRG and / or other cryptotermes, junket operators and the VIP players will be able to reduce their loan and transfer costs. It will push junket operations is even higher since the junket operators will be able to afford more incentives and promotions to attract VIP players to Macau.At the moment Dragon Inc. has already secured support from 4 key partner — to join Dragon Inc as a child of the Dragon banner by the end of 2018. These junket operators will attract thousands of rich gamers to junkets run by Dragon or the Dragon affiliated venues. Of the more than $ 400 million that should be raised, these junket operators have already allocated $ 265 million for the project, and that is 53% of Dragon coin’s total supply.This review and explanation of the Dragon coin, hope can bring you big profit. For more or complete information you can visit the official resources at the links below:

Web site: https://drgtoken.io
WhitePaper: https://s3.amazonaws.com/drg-token/White
Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/GY3XhVI7kKluHoOIKZIVHA
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DragonCoin
The author of the article: profile Bitcointalk.org — SMUTEXAR https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1334788 

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