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About company Drivedeal
DriveDeal will be the first platform to provide access to infrastructure, data and components for all mobility and transport applications. With the inclusion of car sharing, travel sharing and dApps logistics at the top of the platform, utilities will be created and any implementation of these use cases will be decentralized and open. Thus, everyone can request mobility on demand, and community members are encouraged to provide suitable solutions to meet these needs. DiriveDeal organizes the first agreements on cooperation with leading research institutes, universities, manufacturers, hire companies and dealerships for promoting the development of the platform and to provide first line applications. This will help to engage the community from the beginning and add value to the ecosystem, as outlined in the next Chapter. Smart contracts are responsible for mediating all peer-to-peer interactions on the network. One of the most important intellectual contracts will be a contract for an intellectual contract. It will link the elements on the platform as well as regulate incentives and network management.
The status quo
Currently, most providers of mobility refer to isolated target groups. They provide services based on expected demand, trying to anticipate what their customers want.
Solution for General mobility
All mobility providers are reaching out to the entire community. They provide services based on market demand and customized solutions to meet the true needs of the clients.
However, with the invention of the blockchain and cryptocurrencies, it is now possible to directly enter into binding agreements and share assets without market control. DriveDeal will be the first platform for these interactions and will provide the necessary infrastructure and technology for decentralized peer-to-peer exchange.
Each application created on the basis of DriveDeal will combine all possible options for using mobility opportunities and make the market offer a solution to customers. Members will be able to provide cars for sharing, renting cars from others, developing apps, or providing mobility-related services to everyone in the community. This will not only help to use unused resources, but also make transport more efficient and cheaper.

DriveDeal Platform

Multi Smart Contract
All applications will be developed using individually designed smart contracts on the ethereum network

JavaScript library
Networking Ethereum, and IPFS abstrahierte using Javascript libraries

The integration of cars
Platforms allow you to create a digital twin for each mobility asset, linking it to a decentralized world

Token functions

Money function
Store values of a constant medium of exchange, unit of account

Guidance, encouragement, transparency and display of intentions, confirmation and truth

Monitoring and supervision
Governance, decision-making and voting, security, compliance, consensus and conflict resolution

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