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Last year that guy earned Most Improved Player Award (MIP), this year he is one of the main pretenders of the Most Valualable Player Award (MVP) and he is still progressing. He started playing professional basketball only when he was seventeen, after few years playing in second professional league at Greece he was drafted by Milwaukee Bucks in the middle of the 1st round.

The scariest thing about him…he is still progressing and no one can imagine then he will stop. His stats goes up every season. He is still young, but he is only player who can compete with LeBron and Durant. Hes anthropometric data is something what you cant even undestand. His wingspan is 221cm when his growth 211cm.

So every season he becomes better with the understanding the game, he improves his shoot skills, and he add physical power. Seems like when LeBron and others will be ended their careers, he will be main player in the league. Or maybe he will become best already next season if he will continue progress like he did?Screenshot_1.png

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На Golos с 2018 M01

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