Amazon continues to expand its business

Amazon strikes again

Last year Inc. bought Whole Foods and investors immediately started panic. Bloomberg reports that they immediately began to sell shares of Kroger, Sprouts Farmers Market and even Walmart. They were frightened that Amazon was preparing to capture another industry. But this conclusion was too hasty. Analyzing the market, analysts and investors realized that the seizure of the market, which costs 800 billion, will last for more than one year. Although conventional supermarkets only expand their business.
The consequences of buying Whole Foods giant e-commerce are still visible. For example, before these supermarkets lagged behind competitors, but now their popularity has increased significantly.
The company already successfully attracts customers with discounts and bonuses. And if this goes on, then this can have serious consequences for other supermarkets. Although, it's too early to speak about the fatal blow.
Amazon refrains from abrupt changes, but has already been able to achieve positive results. While the giant of e-commerce bets on members of the Prime program, which offers all sorts of discounts, promotions and bonuses.
It was assumed that such a situation on the market would force owners of other supermarkets to reduce prices to return old customers, but this did not happen. Prices for food, on the contrary, increased. Accordingly, the profits of these supermarkets increased.

Walmart opened a digital book store

The company Walmart seeks to make a serious competition to the business of Amazon, which became a springboard for its great success. Now Walmart, together with the Canadian e-book service from Kobo, which is owned by the Japanese online trading giant Rakuten, is launching a store with e-books. About cooperation with Rakuten Walmart announced recently.
Now, Internet users will have access to six million e-book books. Also Walmart offers customers a subscription to audiobooks for only $ 9.99. Thus, by reducing the number of customers Amazon Audible, which for a similar service should pay $ 14.95 monthly.
The US e-commerce market is dominated by Amazon, but Walmart annually increases its share there.

Amazon implemented a wish list

In July, the giant online trading Amazon tested a new feature that will help the user to compose a more perfect wish list.
And more specifically, the users will be able to make a list together with their friends or relatives. The option is called "Collaborative Lists", which means "Joint Lists". Now, some users will be able to invite others to join the creation of the list using a PC, an application for "iOS" or "Android".
With the new opportunity from Amazon you can make lists of purchases, ideas, desires. Naturally, in order to join someone else's list, you will need to have a registration on the service. In case of participation in someone else's list, users will be able to add items themselves, leave comments and make purchases on its basis.

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