E-commerce news for the past week

Alibaba has created a robot-helper for hotels

At the technology conference in Hangzhou, the giant of e-commerce Alibaba presented an unusual robot assistant.
A robot called Space Egg will help visitors to the hotel. Using voice commands, he will be able to order goods or food directly to the visitor's number.
The aluminum robot is made in the form of an ellipse and has a height of about one meter. The speed of movement of the robot is a meter per second. The helper is perfectly oriented in space using lasers and cameras. And the built-in virtual assistant Tmall Genie helps to execute the command to the robot.

The robot will begin testing in October in one of the Chinese hotels. If successful, robots will help not only in hotels, but also in hospitals, restaurants and offices.

Amazon will open an offline store in the US

Different products will be available in the Amazon store: books, toys, games. Also in the store there will be a lot of various household appliances, like Amazon and other manufacturers. The Amazon 4-Star will sell home products and products popular with the local population.
When choosing products for sale, Amazon will pay attention to sales data and customer wish lists. We will select products whose average rating is 4.4 stars.

On the digital price lists of Amazon 4-Star you can see both the cost of goods in the store, and the cost of the site. And they will show the average cost of the goods. Representatives of the company stressed that only Amazon Prime participants will be able to purchase goods at the price of Amazon.com, buying in Amazon 4-Star.
Because Amazon is ready to open more and more stores, you can count on the fact that the new store will work constantly.

PayPal is improving

The PayPal payment service launches a new Smart Button feature. It has been successfully used in the USA for three months already. But now the function will become global.
Smart Button is an improved version of the Buy Button. With its help, buyers and retailers can place an order, taking into account the wishes of customers. The service also allows you to pay for the order in different ways.
Merchants combined with PayPal Checkout will also have access to PayPal's marketing solutions. For example, the Smart Incentives feature will allow merchants to communicate with 250 million active PayPal user accounts immediately after the trading process begins.
Earlier it was reported that the number of active PayPal accounts increases very quickly. Only over the past 1.5 years, it has increased by 50 million accounts. Such an active growth is due to the fact that PayPal is preparing to merge with other companies.

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