The main events in the field of e-commerce

Most German online stores will accept cryptocurrency from 2019

The cryptocurrency market is still young, but more and more bitcoins are being spent on commercial services. For comparison: in 2013 this amount amounted to 9.8 million dollars, and in 2017 - 190.2 million dollars.

According to a survey by the Bank of the Netherlands, only 2% of online stores now accept digital money. But very soon the percentage can grow significantly.

For example, the company Utrust is ready to expand its activities.

The Utrust API focuses on e-commerce innovation. Among them, tools that help to mitigate conflicts, provide protection against re-payment. Such funds will make buyers more loyal and, accordingly, will help to increase the number of purchases.

Utrust representatives have already signed a partnership agreement with the German e-commerce solution provider This company owns over 25 thousand online stores.

According to Utrust, Gambio Internet points provide ⅓ of all e-commerce revenue in Germany. Partnership of companies will provide an opportunity for thousands of traders to accept cryptocurrencies for payment. Subsequently, the transferred amounts will be converted into fiat money.

Amazon Go stores appear in UK

Now Amazon Go store can appear not only in the United States of America, but also in the UK. So far, Amazon representatives have not made official statements about this. But there are reports that the company is already looking for suitable locations for its stores in the UK.

The edition of The Sunday Times shared information that the online retailer from the United States is preparing to acquire small trading platforms that can be transformed into an innovative store.

The visitor must be registered on the Amazon site. In the store, he can choose a product and simply put it in the basket. When the buyer leaves the store with the selected product, the money for the purchases will simply automatically be debited from his account.

The first Amazon store is already successfully operating in Seattle. Apparently, the company is already ready to enter the European market.

In the US, found a new format of trade - this is a temporary store

Brandless e-commerce representative entered the market just over a year ago. A feature of this online store is that all products in it are worth $ 3. But the company decided to open a second store in which customers will have the opportunity to test products in order to order the goods they like online later. The first temporary Brandless store was opened in Los Angeles.

The online retailer sells over 350 items of goods, among them - food for vegetarians, healthy snacks, non-GMO foods, and cosmetics. And in the store will be presented products that are not yet available for purchase.

Representatives of the company are confident that this format of stores will help potential buyers become better acquainted with the assortment, by testing products. Brandless also admits that in the future it may open a store that will work permanently and not temporarily.

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