HeartBit Device - The First Wearable ECG Monitoring Device on Blockchain and Machine Language

Smart watches and other portable wearable fitness and tracking devices are used to measure heartbeat, steps taken, weight gain or loss and other physiological parameters. Users' information is collected over time and used to detect abnormalities. A warning sign is triggered when an abnormality happens to show that something is wrong. There are a lot of such wearable fitness devices in the marketplace today but there exists one with a great difference which is the HeartBit ECG monitoring device.

What is HeartBit ECG monitoring Device?

The HeartBit device is a revolutionary wearable ECG monitory and exercises detecting device that is built to reduce the death caused by Cardiovascular Disorder (CVD). CVD is the number one cause of death globally with 17.7 million death annually.
Currently, the HeartBit device is the first and only wearable device that performs ECG monitoring with an accuracy like the standard clinical heart result. The device is built with a 3 bipolar-lead system integrated directly into a smart training top with a wireless compact-measurement device. The EASI lead system of the HeartBit device is used to detect and alert users on the heart’s stress level at any state of rest, exercise and recovery.

The Benefit of the HeartBit Device

It Includes but not limited to;

  1. The HeartBit device is developed and integrated with the smart contract of the blockchain protocol, machine language, and artificial intelligence thereby giving the HeartBit device all the advantages of a decentralized blockchain project such as reliability, efficiency, immutable and trustless.

  2. Other devices in the market take a measurement of data at 1-2 points per second while the HeartBit device measures data a rate of 2,000 Hz per electrode, providing up to 6,000 data points per second. This measurement cannot be found in any wearable fitness and tracking device except the HeartBit ECG monitoring device.

  3. The HeartBit device is able to diagnose ischemia, arrhythmia, ventricular tachycardia VTAC, atrial fibrillation AFib and other medical conditions using a risk analysis algorithm of the blockchain and AI.

  4. The HeartBit device collects long-term information and data about the user during exercises. This information is analyzed with notification sent when there is an abnormality in form of alerts. This reduces the risk of sudden cardio attack, death, and stroke.

  5. The device has a unique environmental sensor that detects 10 most dangerous gasses within the radius of the user. It also provides the atmospheric condition to the user with a recommendation on the best time to work out displayed on the app's dashboard.

  6. The HeartBit wearable device is the only device that allows the users to monitor their cardiovascular health condition in any state of rest, sleep, recovery or when exercising. Statistics had shown that 80% of all CVD deaths are due to heart attacks and strokes. The HeartBit ECG monitoring device will reduce this number drastically.

  7. Users get an in-depth analysis using the HeartBit device on their health status and how their work out or a certain type of exercise affects their heart and general health condition.

  8. People with heart disease risk factor and symptoms can use the HeartBit device to monitor their cardiovascular health without having to go to the clinics because the result obtained with the simple HeartBit wearable device is as accurate as the standard clinical results.

  9. There is a global cost of US$863 billion in 2010 and a cost of US$1,044 billion is projected by 2030 for cardiovascular disease worldwide. The use of the simple HeartBit device will reduce the amount of money spent on CVD. It will also give users a proactive approach towards addressing their health situation thereby reducing the cost spent on medical expenses. Users are able to know their heart health condition at all times.

  10. The HeartBit application allows users to get a personal professional trainer on the platform that will work, motivate and guide them towards achieving their goals. The users also get to be rewarded for their participation on the platform through the reward program available and are rewarded with the HeartBit tokens.

The HeartBit Token

The HeartBit ecosystem utilizes the HBITS token which is a utility token. It is used as a means of payment for products and services on the HeartBit platform. The token is not an investment and does not yield any passive income for the token holder. Users earn HBIT tokens in the reward program.

Token Usage

  1. The HeartBit device allows data and information to be generated and analyzed over a long period which is stored on the immutable and secured blockchain technology. Users can use this information for insurance as data is secured and tamper proof. The information obtained with the HeartBit device shows the true and accurate health condition of the user.
  2. The HeartBit platform will incentivize doctors of world class to attend to the need of the HeartBit device user. Users will be able to access the best medical consultation base on the data submitted with easy and at their convenient from any part of the world.
  3. Users of the HeartBit device can be able to earn income when they voluntary partake in researches that are ongoing on the platform. The user will anonymously allow his data and information to be used and be rewarded with the HBIT tokens. Users also earn reward token base on their participation and performance on the platform.
  4. The HeartBit ecosystem offers a premium subscription that allows users access unique features of the HeartBit platform. User access a one on one personalized trainer, the nutritionist that will help guide and give the user a detailed dietary advice, users are able to input their historical medical history for a better and accurate interpretation of their data and information and much more.

The Team

The team members of the HeartBit project are professionals with over 50 years of experience in the cardiovascular health and electrocardiography.

The Partners

The HeartBit Project is in partnership with the IBM Watson organization. They will provide the secured cloud storage service that is used by the HeartBit project. They will also provide the artificial intelligence for the project. The HeartBit project is also partnered by National Institute of Clinical Neurosciences and Városmajori Szív- és Érgyógyászati Klinika a prestigious heart center.


The HeartBit project is the first of its kind in the wearable and fitness tracking industry. The device is a state-of-the-art ECG monitoring device that is way ahead of its competitors. Other devices measure t at 1-2 data points per second while the HeartBit device, 6,000 data points per second accurately. Using the blockchain and artificial intelligence provides by IBM Watson provides a unique and secure platform for users.

For more Information on the HeartBit project. Visit the HeartBit Website and Whitepaper

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