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eCoinomic plans to provide transparent, secure and easy-to-use financial services for all users. The project promises to provide the best and reasonable access to financial services for investors and traders of crypto currency. This is an all-new project that seeks to provide comprehensive financial solutions to investors in the cryptocurrency world. The platform intends to do this through investments and asset management, exchange, transfer and mutual settlements between stakeholders in the crypto sphere.
The first goal of the platform is to follow three simple steps. The first of which is loans, followed hedge crypto, then to get money. The platform has several ways you can apparently make money. The first of them is through the use of the Lending platform. The platform is secured and unsecured by nature, the loans are basically based on fiat money and cryptocurrency coins like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

The investing aspect of the eCoinomic investing aspect is like any other exchange that offers investing for both long and short-term goals. There is also hedging, which is the mechanism of performing the action of hedging on the cryptocurrency exchanges and will apparently rate the risks of cryptocurrency assets. The crypto exchange works great on the eCoinomic platform as well, this includes the main function of managing collateral assets. And not only that, crypto payments on the exchange work through a professional payment agent who has access to virtual cards to be issued. The platform also integrates with the bigger eCommerce platforms, such as Amazon and eBay.

When you choose to utilize the platform, you will essentially be getting 6 beneficial aspects of the platform. The first of the benefits would be the multi-currency aspect of the platform. eCoinomic as a platform accepts a lot of different cryptocurrencies. They also issue loans in the most popular fiat currencies as well.

Another great benefit of the company is that regular fiat money is only takes a matter of minutes to transfer thanks to the built -in payment agent. And there is a price monitoring system that will quickly check the value of all collateral every 60 seconds. The data is based on results taken from several of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges.

There is also security and transparency that is guaranteed, and with the smart contracts, you can count on regulating the procedures of blocking, selling, or exchanging any of the assets used as collateral on the system.

The system also has a strong insurance reserve fund that is used to design and enhance the attractive aspect of large and small investment projects. Right now, you can also get a fully functional alpha version of the platform and it will also be 100% for the purpose of testing after the pre-sale goes into effect.

Market & Industry

While the rapid surge in the value of digital assets is profitable to investors, it has also created an unwanted situation. To remain in the game, the hobbyists have to invest in the latest hardware, which costs a fortune. This would require them to sell their assets to fund the cost of the new mining hardware. On the other, the ever-rising value tempts the holders to keep hoarding and sell at a higher price at a later date.

Selling virtual currency in exchange to raise cash for upgrading hardware only to reacquire the digital assets is undoubtedly unfeasible. This is because of the volatile nature of the industry, where values can plummet drastically within a relatively short period, resulting in massive losses. Loans are an option, albeit an inconvenient one. Usually, the process takes ages, a hugely inexpedient factor given the preciousness of time, especially to an investor.

Presently, conventional financiers do not accept digital assets as collateral, ruling out the possibility of sourcing funds from such institutions. Also, private financiers are not reliable due to their in transparency. This leaves one choice on the table, the ideal option, eCoinomic. This platform is the only one that gives loans using digital assets as collateral. The use of smart contracts guarantees the security of both fiat money and the collateralized assets. Also, it enforces the fulfilment of lending obligations.

Invest Now

Loans will be issued at fixed reasonable service price depending on the amount and payable via CNC tokens. During the ICO phase, tokens will be available at only 0.05 USD per token, however the price of CNC will be fixed when the platform becomes functional. Since prices of CNC and the service price for loans will be fixed, investors who buy CNC in the ICO phase at cheap rates will be benefitted the most.

Benefit To Investors

It will drive benefits for everyone i.e. the crypto owners as well as the investors. It will be easier for them to receive crypto assets for different goods and services. It will also help the startups by providing them funds to flourish in the near future.

The platform has a few different benefits likely to be more attractive to investors. And that is in the private sector, they can use their gained capital and financial assets to increase personal revenue. As the same time, investors from an institution, looking for high profit, low risk investments will also love the platform.

The selling price of the token is only 0.05 dollars and with the demand of investors it is expected that the price of the token will increase. Then, as an investor, you can certainly benefit from it.


Basically, the platform is great for investor and owners. As for any owners who have purchased crypto for the purpose of long and short- term goals. The investments on the platform are always projected to have a high growth rate. And anyone who is a miner or pays for goods and services with cryptocurrency will love the platform. And lastly, new company startups who need to raise capital will be able to take full advantage of the companies exchange platform as well use the other tools to expand their business.





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