Blockchain technology is a transparent digital ledger of transactions and records that are immune to change or deletion. Offering additional traits of increased security, lower costs, time efficiency, and error resistance, blockchain has risen, fluctuated in 2017. The utility of blockchain technology is limitless, sparking the growing list of companies, industries, and government exploring its potential adoption. The blockchain is an immutable public ledger that records digital transactions. This technology was first introduced by an anonymous individual under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 and has since revolutionized the way we conduct currency transactions worldwide. Blockchain enables trust to be distributed throughout a network, without the need for a central authority to track, verify and approve the digital exchange of value. It operates as a decentralized distributed database, maintaining a continuously growing list of records divided up into blocks. Legacy will take advantage of this technology to be decentralized and place its trust in its users.
eCoinomic is a new platform providing financial services to crypto holders by way of: investment and asset management, exchange, transfers and mutual settlements between users and partner projects.

The main objective of the eCoinomic project is to develop, market and refine resource-based cryptographic resource-based service platforms. It offers its users loan functions, exchanges, transfers, financial management and integration of services and systems through online payments.

On the eCoinomic platform, you can get a fiat loan that stores your crypto assets as collateral. For crypto owners, they can now start receiving payments for products and services. People can now buy cryptocurrencies as long-term investments. The eCoinomic platform provides the necessary liquidity that will assist the crypto holders. Investors will benefit enormously from this platform. Smart contracts impose conditions in loan obligations. It protects the investment of crypto holders and fiat investors.

eCoinomic For crypto owners:

Who purchased cryptocurrency as average and long-term investment expecting a high growth rate; Who received crypto assets as payment for goods and services (e.g. miners); Startups and funds who are in need of short-term fiat credits.

eCoinomic For investors:

Private sector investors who allocate monetary resources for the purpose of generating income; Institutional investors who are interested in high profitability and low risk instruments.

eCoinomic smart contracts enforce the fulfillment of loan obligations and thereby protect the investments for the owners of both collateralized crypto assets and fiat funds.

About ICO:
The presale began on 15 March and the public launch of ICO took place on May 1, 2018. 150 million tokens formed a total token inventory. 45% of total inventories are reserved for presale and public sales. 5 million tokens and 63 million tokens are allocated to presale and ICO. Each token is priced at $ 1. Presale comes with an extraordinary 85% discount lowering the token to just $ 0.15. During ICO you can take advantage of bonuses in the 40–50% range, depending on how early you participate. Softcap and hardcap public sales are $ 9 million and $ 35 million respectively.

eCoinomic Token (CNC) is an ERC20 utility token, based on Ethereum blockchain. The purpose of CNC token is to pay service fees on the eCoinomic digital platform.

eCoinomic token on the platform will be market-determined meaning it will be based on CNC exchange price + 20%. For example, for a loan amount of 10 000 USD the service fee would be 60 USD, reflectedin CNC tokens. If the price of 1 CNC token equals 1 USD, the fee would be 60 CNC tokens. If the price of 1 CNC token equals 10 USD, the fee would be 6 CNC tokens.

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