How to start earning today.

   For today on the Internet there are many opportunities for monetization of the creativity. I would like to dwell on some of them in more detail.Undoubtedly, Steemit in this respect is still on the first place. But besides it there are other platforms on which you can start earning today.Many of the previously known Plug, now it's called Sola( How it works?You create a map into which you insert your photo or text. A card can have several attachments. People vote for your card, and it is distributed among those people who are interested in what you wrote. There is no need to invent big texts, but enough to create a picture with a little explanation or gif.
   A person's vote puts you a certain number of Action Points (APs) depending on how much he liked what you wanted to transfer from 1 to 100 AP. AP (Action Point) is already translated into Sol tokens which are already traded on exchanges.
  Once you get the minimum amount for withdrawal, and this is 100 tokens, you can transfer them to the MyEtherWallet wallet, available at, or directly to the exchanges where they are traded.
Here is a list of those exchanges on which the Sol coin is traded:

  1. (a little difficult to understand, but if you understand, it's good enough)
    2.https: //
    3.https: //
    ** Tokens are traded for both the Bitcoins and the Ethereum**
    Choose what you like and earn.
    By registering on the link you can immediately engage in your favorite business. The minimum amount for withdrawal from 100 tokens. Only I immediately warn that it is desirable to display it on the stock exchange bypassing the wallet, if you do not have an Etherium on it. If you sign up for my link, then I will be very pleased.
    How to convert tokens immediately on the exchange, I wrote in one of my cards on Sola.
    Group for questions in Telegrams**Another interesting project -Selfllery. **
    📜WP: At the moment he is at the testing stage, but now you can start earning, the more so that the developers said that at the end of the test period, all the received tokens are doubled.
    Here, as in the previous project, it's enough to lay out a photo and wait for the support of users. Every like brings you income.
    The development team is very responsive and responds to all comments and shortcomings at once. You can express your wish for what you want to see this platform.
    The test period ends on March 5, so I advise you to hurry.
    Questions you are interested in can be asked in their Telegram groups

Do not miss your chance, become richer already today 

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